Pitata WhiteBoard / Memopad

Using the Pitata Impression Devices

If you have the Pitata WhiteBoard and/or the Pitata Memopad, this video shows you how you can use them with TimeSmith, to set the time on an SBWatch.


In this video, we show how to use the Pitata Whiteboard and Pitata MemoPad with the TimeSmith app. We are covering connecting your watch to the app, using the whiteboard and pad, and setting up text recognition settings to ensure the best user experience.

Connecting Your Watch

The first step is to connect your watch to the TimeSmith app. Once your watch is connected, you can begin using the Pitata Whiteboard and MemoPad. It is important to note that you can only connect one Pitata Whiteboard or MemoPad at a time, and the app will treat them as the same hardware.

Using the Pitata Whiteboard

To turn on the whiteboard, remove the magnet from the back. Then, go to the settings in the app and scroll down to the "doodle drawing" settings. Here, you will see when the whiteboard is connected. You can also enable the "auto start doodle when connected" setting to start the doodle screen as soon as the board is connected. You can also set the drawing thickness for the whiteboard and MemoPad, with suggested settings of 4 and 2 respectively.

Text Recognition Settings

In the text recognition settings, you can enable text recognition and set the page orientation. The options include portrait, landscape left, landscape right, and upside down. It is suggested to use portrait mode or landscape left for the whiteboard. You can also set a timer to recognize when idle and assign actions to send the drawing for recognition.

Doodle Screen

Once all of the settings are configured, you can go to the doodle screen and begin using the whiteboard. You can write on the board and after the designated idle time, the text will be sent to Google for recognition. You also have the option to clear the doodle after it has been recognized.

Using the Pitata MemoPad

Using the MemoPad is essentially the same as using the whiteboard. The only difference is that you will be disconnecting the whiteboard and connecting the MemoPad. The settings and text recognition settings will remain the same.


In this video, we have gone over how to use the Pitata Whiteboard and MemoPad with the TimeSmith app. We have covered connecting your watch, using the whiteboard and MemoPad, and configuring text recognition settings for the best user experience. With these tips and tricks, you will be able to fully utilize the features of the Pitata Whiteboard and MemoPad.


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You will need

  • SB Watch
  • Pitata WhiteBoard
  • or Pitata Memopad
  • PeekSmith (optional)

You will learn

How to setup the TimeSmith app and work with text recognition with these boards.

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