CubeSmith Xiaomi Cubes

Our favorite Bluetooth cube

Xiaomi Mijia Cube restickered with our authentic colored stickers. Powered by a button battery, can work up to 365 active hours. The CubeSmith app should be purchased separately.



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Our favorite Bluetooth cube
Restickered with high quality stickers
Colors carefully selected by Benke Smith


Product details
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CubeSmith app compatible Xiaomi Mijia Cube restickered with stickers from OLIVÉR's Stickers. The colors of the stickers were carefully selected by Benke Smith. Their size is normal: 57 x 57 x 57 mm.

Currently, the Xiaomi Mijia Magic Cube is our favorite Bluetooth cube product. This cube has a replaceable button battery (CR1632) therefore it has no charging holes like some other Bluetooth cubes. The body of the cube is black matte plastic, and our stickers are creating an authentic look.

The cube goes to standby after 15 minutes if not connected but stays connected forever once you use it. The battery life is amazing, you can use the original battery for several months - according to the specifications if you use them every day for an hour, then the battery life will be a year (365 hours of active use).

If the battery is weak (20% or below) you should replace it. The battery compartment is underneath the white centerpiece, so you should remove some pieces from the white layer to get access. You'll need a small X-headed screwdriver to unscrew the lid. We are providing a video that shows you how you can replace the battery.

What's included

  • a Xiaomi Mijia Cube restickered with authentic stickers
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