Drop by Thomas Badar - The Best-selling trick of Blackpool 2023

Drop a Card, Amaze the Crowd

"Drop" is a groundbreaking product by the visionary magician Thomas Badar. This impossible card trick defies logic and will leave you amazed. To witness the mind-boggling performance, be sure to watch the trailer and discover this illusion.



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Drop by Thomas Badar


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Drop, is a sensational magic trick created by our friend, Thomas Badar. After its tremendous success at Blackpool 2023, where it was one of the best-selling magic tricks, now you can get it world-wide. According to Thomas' experience, it is an easy to learn trick.


Drop - The Trick

In February 2023, the global magic community was introduced to Thomas Badar's first released trick, "Drop". He had a small table at the annual Blackpool Magic Convention. The trick garnered immense attention and became one of the highlights of the convention.

Be sure to take a moment to watch the trailer above, as it explains well how the trick works, but let us break down the mesmerizing routine for you. The magician begins by carefully selecting two special "helper cards" and enlists the participation of a spectator. The spectator is invited to choose a card from the deck and place their signature on it, adding a personal touch of magic. Once the chosen card has been signed, it is returned to its rightful place within the deck.

Now comes the truly awe-inspiring part. The magician deftly retrieves one of the helper cards and begins the breathtaking display. With a flick of the wrist, the cards cascade down one by one, and amidst this cascading sea of cards, the magician effortlessly inserts the helper card. It seamlessly blends into the mesmerizing motion, creating an enchanting visual spectacle.

But the magic doesn't stop there! The magician proceeds to repeat this astonishing process with the second helper card. As the remaining cards gracefully descend, one by one, the second helper card is deftly placed into the mix. And here comes the grand finale: miraculously, these two helper cards form a perfect sandwich, encasing one single card between them. And that is none other than the chosen card, the very card that was signed by the spectator!

But that's not all, the routine continues, and the magician reveals an even more astonishing feat.

With a mischievous smile, the magician sets out to locate another card within the deck, but this time, it's no ordinary card. They aim to find the most prestigious and sought-after card of them all — the Ace of Spades. Known for its mystical allure and revered status, the Ace of Spades holds a special place in the hearts of both magicians and card aficionados alike.

Undeterred by the audacity of this challenge, the magician employs the same mesmerizing method used before. They carefully insert the two trusty helper cards into the cascade of falling cards, and anticipation fills the air as the magical moment draws near.

Prepare to be amazed as the two helper cards, acting as the magician's accomplices, successfully capture not just one, but five cards. The magician seems to be hesitating, was it a failure? But it wasn't, it is a complete royal flush composed of the Ace, Ten, Jack, Queen, and King of Spades emerges from the chaos of falling cards. It's as if the very essence of luck and skill converged to create this breathtaking display of magical prowess.

To perform this mind-blowing trick, you will need a regular deck of Bicycle playing cards (red), which is not included in the package. Inside the package, you will find all the necessary props to perform the trick.

You'll also gain access to an exclusive video explanation, personally delivered by Thomas Badar himself. He will teach you step by step to perform it. As you dive deeper into the world of "Drop" and unlock its secrets, you'll discover a realm of endless possibilities.

Get ready to astound your friends and leave them spellbound with "Drop" by Thomas Badar.

What's Included

  • 2 special cards with red Bicycle back
  • link to the instructions video
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