Pitata WhiteBoard

An innocent impression pad.

Pitata WhiteBoard is the product of Pitata. It is an innocent, whiteboard looking impression device to know what the spectator wrote or draw.



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Pitata WhiteBoard is a Bluetooth enabled impression pad by Pitata. The whiteboard and marker look and feel just like any other whiteboard and marker, so your audience will never suspect a thing. It allows you to secretly know anything written down or drawn by a spectator.

IMPORTANT: Ink is NOT included and will need to be purchased separately.

The Whiteboard connects to a companion iOS or Android app, which can be used to get a live peek at what is written on the board. It can also broadcast the written information to a Bluetooth earpiece (like our Vision glasses), so you can hear it in English or Mandarin. This device is also compatible with Apple Watch.

Our PeekSmith app is also supporting the device, offers text recognition or displaying the drawing and the recognized text on PeekSmith 3. With the premium feature Multi-Display extension you can also listen to the recognized text in several languages, or send it to Glyphs.

In addition to its impressive functionality, the Smart Whiteboard also offers offline functionality. It can store written information and display it again the next time your phone is connected, giving you extra convenience and peace of mind during performances.

Overall, the Pitata Smart Whiteboard is a top-of-the-line device that offers everything you need for seamless and successful mentalism performances. Its affordable price and high-quality design make it the best live peek device on the market.

What's included

  • PITATA WhiteBoard
  • PITATA Whiteboard Marker
  • PITATA App
  • Complete instructions
  • Custom carry bag
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