Black Friday: PeekSmith 3 + Nest

Your new best friend in magic and a reason to peek

PeekSmith 3 is a product of András Bártházi. It is a state-of-the-art miniature peeking device for mentalists, compatible with wide range of magic apps and devices.

Nest is an accessory of Alain Van den Abeele. Hide PeekSmith 3 and a pen in your pocket, and have an excuse to peek.

Selling only 19 bundles


The legendary PeekSmith 3
The imaginative Nest


Product details

PeekSmith 3 is a miniature state-of-the-art peeking device like no other in the magic market. It's compatible with a wide range of magic apps and devices. Proudly used by professionals worldwide such as Colin Cloud, Jan Forster, Jonathan Levit, Shawn Farquhar, Ryan Tricks just to name a few. The device is the heart of our product line, and thanks to our constant efforts of improving the apps and the firmware, it will learn more and more features. For more information, please visit the PeekSmith 3 product page.

Nest is a 3D-printed holder for PeekSmith 3. You can hide it in your pocket, and peek at the information even blindfolded - just look down. The Nest includes a pen holder part as well, so you will have a reason to look there when you are taking the pen. For more information, please visit the Nest product page.

Orders will be shipped after the end of our Black Friday campaign, so you can make several orders and they will be shipped together.

What's included

  • PeekSmith 3
  • Nest
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