Mental Wave

First Steps

Congratulations on having your Mental Wave device, our bone-conduction product. It enables you to make someone hear a sound in their head even with clogged ears. We think you will amaze your audience with this tiny piece of magic.

We recommend joining our Mental Wave Facebook group for updates and discussing your ideas. It is a welcoming and active community you will love. 🙂

We have the following audio products available in our store:

We are sharing important tips here - please read this First Steps guide carefully before start using our device.

What's Included

Turning Mental Wave ON and OFF

Mental Wave is a Bluetooth Audio device, which means you can pair it with your phone (both iPhone or Android) and it works like a headphone.

It has one button in the middle of the device with several functionality:

  • turn the device ON by pressing it for 3 seconds,
  • turn the device OFF by pressing it for 4 seconds,
  • play/pause media on the phone with a short press.

Upon its initial activation, a blue LED will flash, signifying the device is ready to pair. To establish a connection, simply access the Bluetooth function on your cell phone, search for available devices, and select 'BMS1001'.

After successful pairing, Mental Wave becomes your phone's speaker. Adjust the volume directly from your phone settings to find the perfect level for your listening pleasure. Ensure you discover the optimal volume setting for an enhanced experience.

You can charge the device with micro-USB.


We recommend practicing the usage with a simple audio player. Depending on how you plan to use the device, try it on your own head at different positions, or with a partner to learn handling.

When you are familiar with the device, read our further advices and ideas.

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