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The Intuitive Trinity


This magic routine uses Mental Wave to feat mentalism and telepathy. Three people are brought onto the stage, and then you force the same card, for instance, the three of diamonds, on each of them. Then you can ask a fourth person to help, and name three cards. You force one card, the three of diamonds using Mental Wave, but the spectator should intuitively select two additional cards without knowing how she does it. All these cards should be named aloud, and then say it to the 3 people: “if you heard your card, raise your hand!”. All of them will raise their hand. This way, the fourth spectator has no idea how she got the other cards.

Example Presentation

Magician takes the stage with three participants and the magical assistant, the “Lady of Intuition”, all of them selected randomly.

Magician: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we are about to embark on an extraordinary journey of connected minds and mystical forces. Please welcome our wonderful participants to the stage. (Participants walk up to the stage amid applause)

Magician: (Whispers to the participants) Welcome, my friends. In a moment, I’ll let you pick a card. Remember, no peeking just yet!

Magician force the same three cards to each participant face down, ensuring they all receive the 3 of diamonds.

Magician: Now, please focus on the cards you’re holding. Can you feel the energy passing through them? They’re about to become the conduits of an inexplicable connection.

Magician: (Turning to the “Lady of Intuition”) And now, with the assistance of the gifted sorcerer, we shall explore the depths of intuition and magic.

Lady of Intuition: (Acknowledges with a nod) I will do my best! 🙂

Magician: Fantastic! Now, without uttering a word, the Lady of Intuition will tap into her extraordinary abilities and select three cards, guided purely by intuition. (Magician forces the 3 of diamonds, and allows the lady to selects two other random cards)

Mental Wave Lady: My choices are made, I’m thinking about the 3 of Diamonds, the 7 of Hearts and the Ace of Spades.

Magician: Wonderful! Now, my friends, if you heard your card, raise your hand! (To the amazement of the audience, all three participants will raise their hand in unison.)

Magician: (Smiling) Unbelievable, isn’t it? The mysterious link that binds us all is beyond comprehension.


  1. Works with Anything: you are not restricted to use poker cards, but it works with every object that you can force.
  2. Misdirection and Patter: Misdirection is essential to keep the audience engaged and prevent them from focusing on the mechanics of the trick. Use engaging patter and storytelling to create a captivating performance.
  3. Pre-arranged Cards: Ensure that all the cards used in the routine are pre-arranged, so you can force the 3 of Diamonds on all three participants. This can be achieved using techniques like “forcing” or using a stacked deck.
  4. Seamless Collaboration: Work closely with your magical assistant, the “Lady of Intuition”, to ensure smooth communication and coordination during the routine.
  5. Practice and Rehearsal: Like any magic routine, practice is key to flawless execution. Rehearse the routine multiple times to perfect your timing, gestures, and presentation.
  6. Confidence and Showmanship: Confidence in your abilities and charismatic showmanship will enhance the overall impact of the performance. Engage with the audience, make eye contact, and exude a sense of wonder and mystery.

Remember, the success of “The Intuitive Trinity” lies in the seamless blend of technology, storytelling, and mesmerizing performance, leaving the audience with a sense of awe and wonderment.

Charging SoulMate and SoulPeek

You will likely get the devices uncharged. The package includes a USB-C charging cable, which you can charge your SoulMate Smart Scale and your SoulPeek Display too. Turn off the devices during charging.

Next Steps

Once you feel ready, make sure to read this information as well:


  • Calibration – make sure it works with your deck

  • Routines – how to work with card stacks and objects

  • ScaleSmith app – installing and using the app


You should install the ScaleSmith app and make sure you always update your device’s firmware to the latest with the app.