CubeSmith stickers

For CubeSmith Cubes

A set of Rubik Cube stickers for CubeSmith compatible cubes. You can use them to re-sticker your cube to give it an authentic look. A set includes 54 stickers to cover a cube.



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High quality stickers
Colors carefully selected by Benke Smith
Most authentic look for your cube


📋 Product Details
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🟨 Introducing our Magic Cube Stickers

A set of Magic Cube stickers by OLIVÉR's Stickers. The colors were carefully selected by Benke Smith. You can use them to re-sticker your Bluetooth cubes so they'll look as authentic as possible:

Some CubeSmith app compatible Bluetooth cubes have a charging hole, or just "odd" colors or a logo of the company creating them. You should re-sticker these cubes to give the cube a more authentic look.

📦 What's Included

The set includes stickers with these colors:

  • Avery 501 White,
  • Avery 504 Primrose Yellow,
  • Avery 518 Grass Green,
  • Avery 539 Reflex Blue,
  • Avery 509 Orange,
  • Avery 503 Geranium Red.
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