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SB Watch

Unboxing the SB Watch

Congratulations on having your SB Watch. We hope you will like our hybrid watch, the perfect companion for the TimeSmith app. We wish you many successful performances that will amaze your audience.

We have slightly different packaging for our watches, but to start, just open the box. For wristwatch 2020, 2021 and 2022 wristwatch models, we have included a screen wipe clothe to help you keeping the watch face clean. For the Steel models you will find a tool in the package you can use to adjust the band length.

The SB Watch 2 models include a charger, a charging cable and a screen wipe clothe as well.

We recommend joining our TimeSmith Facebook group for updates and discussing your ideas. It is a welcoming and active community you will love. 🙂

We have collected a lot of information on this page about charging, troubleshooting, activating the full version of the TimeSmith app. Please read them all.

SB Watch 2 - First Steps

SB Watch 2 is merging the prediction watch capabilities with the electronic peeking features akin to PeekSmith. While our documentation is still in progress, rest assured that the guidelines for SB Watch seamlessly apply to SB Watch 2. To leverage the tiny screen’s potential, users will need to engage with the PeekSmith app. The PeekSmith app is free, and provides integrations with several sources.


Before you use it for the first time, put the watch on the charger it came with, and charge it fully, which takes about an hour. Make sure you remove the protection foil from the back of the watch, and place the watch on the charger (the back should touch the flexible “button” of the charger). The watch will indicate charging as you place it on the charger.

The SB Watch 2 has a rechargeable battery that can keep it running for about a week, and you don’t need to open the back to replace the battery.


The watch gives you a basic force routine when it’s not connected to any app, phone, or remote. You will be able to configure it in the TimeSmith app. By default, if you turn the watch face down (like when someone holds it), and then quickly press the crown, it sets the time to 7:14. To go back to the current time, just press and hold the crown for a while, no matter which way the watch is facing. See the “Be the Force With You” routine for presentation details.


First of all, please install the PeekSmith app. Start the app, and go to Settings. You will see different sections, in the first one, the “CONNECT DEVICES”, you should see an “SB Watch 2” title and a “List devices” button. Tap the button, and your watch should be listed there. Tap on the device name, and it should connect, and display a “READY” message on its screen. Please note that the watch can only be connected to one app or remote at a time, which means if you would like to connect it from the TimeSmith or an other app, or an Atom or other remote, you need to exit in the PeekSmith app first.

Try sending messages to the watch by going to the “Start” page, and selecting “send text”, “poker cards” or “colors”. This is how your assistant can send you messages. Read our docs about “Web Polling” in the PeekSmith documentation for setting up other sources.

By default, the watch activates message display when you raise your hand to “check the time”. This will be configurable in the PeekSmith app. Ensure that your hand is positioned to shield the screen from onlookers, and the message will appear. Once you lower your hand, the message will vanish. The watch retains messages for a duration of 30 seconds.


Presently, the screen accommodates textual information (2 rows, 6 letters per row), with our team exploring the possibility extending it to 7 or 8 letters per row, and incorporating drawings (these will come with firmware updates).

A select group of developers have received watches to integrate them into their apps. Any application with SB Watch support is fully compatible with SB Watch 2. Additionally, integrating the peeking functionality into existing apps supporting our devices requires minimal development effort, offering expanded possibilities for engagement.

Installing the TimeSmith App

On iOS, you can install the TimeSmith app from the App Store.

On Android, you can install the TimeSmith app from Google Play.

Turning ON and Initializing the SB Watch

Please check these before setting up your watch:

  • Make sure Bluetooth is ON on your phone.
  • Phones have a limit on the number of devices they can connect to. If you have more than 6 devices (a band, earphones, etc.) connected to your phone, try disconnecting them if you cannot connect to the watch. Modern phones are usually can connect to 10-16 devices at a time.
  • Allow the app to use Bluetooth and/or Location Services.
  • On Android, make sure the GPS is ON. While we are not tracking you, this is somehow a must-have for Bluetooth communication, too.
  • On Android, Bluetooth has some bugs. You should try restarting the phone if you have any connection problems.
  • You don’t have to connect to the watch from your Bluetooth Settings, the app will set up the connection.

We have more troubleshooting tips on our Troubleshooting page.

We are shipping the SB Watch products turned on, and updated to the latest firmware. The watch might be sleeping, wake it up with pressing the crown.

Open the TimeSmith app, then go to Settings and tap on the “List devices” button. Now press the Black button with the watch name (something like SBWatch-112345, where the numbers are your watch identifier, starting with 1), and the app will connect to the watch. Watch hands will go a full circle, wait for it. We have calibrated your watch, but if the watch does not correctly show the time, then Tap the green “Details…” button, scroll down the screen, and select “Calibration START”.

Next Steps

Make sure you read our TimeSmith app’s User Guide and the SB Watch FAQ.

About every 6-12 months you will need to replace the CR2032 button battery inside the watch – you should check our battery replacement guide before taking the watch to a jeweller / watchmaker.

We are regularly releasing a new firmware (the software running on the watch) for SB Watch to fix bugs and introduce new features. Make sure your watch has the latest firmware. You can follow our firmware update guide.

SB Watch is compatible with a few apps (iThump/Toxic+ at the moment) and other devices (remotes). We have collected them on the compatible apps and devices page.