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Mental Wave - bone conduction device

Whispers in Your Head

A revolutionary bone conduction product from Electricks designed specifically for magicians. Comes with a bandana for discreet concealment and features advanced Sound Recorder and Audio Assistant PeekSmith app add-ons. Receive information secretly, plant thoughts, and create mesmerizing illusions.



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Plant thoughts to your spectator's mind, or listen to live information
Compatibility with audio assistant apps, sound recorder included
Ultra-flat, tiny design to keep it hidden


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Introducing Mental Wave

Unleash the hidden powers of deception with Mental Wave by Electricks, the revolutionary bone conduction product designed exclusively for magicians. This cutting-edge tool opens up a world of possibilities, providing you with unparalleled control over your audience's perceptions and creating mind-boggling illusions like never before.

This product is part of our "audio devices" family, make sure you check what you can achieve with our Vision glasses as well.

The Magic of Disguise

The product comes complete with an opaque bandana, ingeniously crafted to conceal the ultra-flat gimmick discreetly at the back of your skull. Blend seamlessly into any performance, as you secretly receive information from apps like PeekSmith, DiceSmith, TimeSmith, or other apps featuring an audio assistant function, such as Inject, WikiTest, or iThump. Engage in calls while your assistant shares hidden information, all without raising the slightest suspicion. With Mental Wave, your deception knows no bounds.

Whispers from Beyond

Imagine the astonishment when you push it onto a spectator's head, and they hear "thoughts" from a ghost or from their very own mind. With the ability to trigger sound recordings using the PeekSmith app or live whispers from your assistant, you can weave a captivating narrative that will leave your audience spellbound. Share the spectator's name, play music from popular platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, or Spotify, and immerse them in an otherworldly experience. Only the participant will be able to hear these transmissions, adding an air of mystique to your performance. For an extra touch, place the device in a classic mask or blindfold, enhancing the enigma even further.

Compact and Powerful

Our sleek and tiny design, measuring just 29 x 29 x 9 mm, ensures that it remains hidden from prying eyes. Despite its size, this device boasts powerful capabilities, making it the ultimate tool for magicians seeking to push the boundaries of their craft. Controlled via Bluetooth, Mental Wave offers an impressive range of up to 30 meters, adapting to various performance environments without missing a beat.

A Legacy of Excellence

With years of meticulous research and inspiration from predecessors like John Fisher's 1979 Body Magic book, Mental Wave stands as a testament to innovation and dedication in the realm of magic. It was designed for magicians and used by many renowned magicians on stages of all sizes, captivating audiences worldwide and leaving them in awe of the mystical wonders it brings to life.

About Bone Conduction

It is a cutting-edge audio transmission method that bypasses the eardrums and directly stimulates the inner ear through bone vibrations, enabling sound perception. It works by placing a transducer on the cheekbones or skull, turning sound waves into mechanical vibrations that travel through bone tissues and reach the cochlea. This technology allows users to hear sounds while also being aware of their surroundings, making it ideal for application for magic.

In Conclusion

Mental Wave is not just a tool; it is a gateway to the extraordinary. Embrace the power of illusion, and witness your magic reach new heights with this exceptional bone conduction device. Deceptive, mesmerizing, and awe-inspiring, Mental Wave is your key to unlocking a realm of enchantment that will linger in the memories of your audience for years to come. Step into the future of magic and elevate your performances with Mental Wave today!

What's Included

  • Mental Wave bone conduction device and a charging cable
  • A bandana
  • PeekSmith app activation codes for Audio Assistant and Sound Recorder add-ons
  1. Thomas

    Very good product, reliable and very powerful despite its size. Easy to conceal in a blindofld or bandana. (I prefer to let the spectator put on the blindfold and I place the gimmick afterwards.)
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