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CubeSmith Cube

Boost Your Cube Act

CubeSmith is the revolutionary Rubik's Cube app routine by Benke Smith. This kit includes one cube.

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Easy to Perform
An Impossible Magic Cube Act
Select the Cube Best Matches Your Style
Only One Cube is Included
CubeSmith Classic Cube


📋 Product Details
📣 Reviews

🟩 Our Cubes

We are selling 3 Bluetooth-enabled cubes. Selecting them will show their product photo. They're all powered by button batteries, boasting extended battery life spanning several months. Read more about them on our documentation page: Our Cubes.

  • 👍 CubeSmith Chroma: GAN Monster Go stickerless cube, with the GAN logo removed. A stickerless cube to spice up your presentations.
  • ❤️ CubeSmith Classic: Xiaomi cube stickered with our stickers, with a blunt matte edge. Our favorite, the best offer to start with.
  • 🌟 CubeSmith Deluxe: Xiaomi cube core and Giiker cube pieces outside, stickered and the magnets glued for smooth and silent turns - assembled by Vinci Tang. Have rounded and glossy edges. These cubes are great for speedcubing as well and probably have the most innocent look.

🟩 Introducing our Magic Cube App

CubeSmith is a revolutionary Rubik's cube app by Benke Smith. Features a huge number of routines and tricks that will leave your audience amazed and bewildered. Beta-tested by some of the top performers in the industry, CubeSmith is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to take their cube magic to the next level. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, it is easy for anyone to use, regardless of their level of experience with the Rubik's cube.

Basically, there are two ways to get the instructions:

  • Reading: the instructions can be displayed on a PeekSmith 3, or on a phone's or a tablet's screen. Benke won a competition by using his phone to peek, so we think it is not a must-have to use something else, but we highly recommend PeekSmith 3.
  • Listening: the app can announce the instructions, and you can listen to it with a hidden earpiece. Depending on your environment, we can recommend our Vision Glasses, but make sure you read the product description.

🍬 Product Benefits

With CubeSmith, an app in conjunction with its connective cubes, you can execute illusions that were once deemed unfeasible. Amaze onlookers as you solve the cube without so much as a glance, or perform the feat blindfolded, with the help of a PeekSmith 3 for discreet guidance. Impress your audience further by showcasing predictions on your personal website, or have two spectators randomly mix and match cubes before successfully matching them.

CubeSmith boasts integrations with MamiCube for a photographic prediction, Stranger for a surprising match, and TimeSmith to set the time on an SBWatch, all controlled with a simple twist of the cube. Unlike similar effects with traditional cubes, CubeSmith offers a seamless and bewildering experience, with the cube remaining visible throughout the performance, ready for examination by spectators.

📱 The App

Solving a CubeSmith Rubik's cube above the head, wearing Vision glasses
Wearing Vision One glasses

The app is available for Android and iOS devices and offers a wide range of routines. Most of them need only one cube.

  • Solving the cube: You give the cube to the spectator, they mix it, you take it back without ever looking, then you solve the cube behind your back.
  • Prediction: The spectator opens a webpage showing a blog about cubing (https://cubing.rocks/your-username) on their phone. You tell them some facts about the cube, which you've read in the blog. Then you give them the cube to mix... and the final pattern will match the image on the blog page (photo in 3rd article). It's an unbelievable coincidence!
  • Camera Snapshot: The spectator mixes the cube, then take a photo of the mixed cube with their smartphone (or camera). Then they mix the cube again... You are turning away from all this, so you don't have a clue what's on their photo, and how they mixed the cube afterward. Still, you can "solve" the cube behind your back, so it will match the pattern on the photo they took.
  • Solve a Custom Pattern: You give the cube to the spectator, they mix it, and you take it back without ever looking. Then you pretend to solve the cube behind your back, but when you show the cube, it is not solved... it has the predefined pattern you have set in the settings.
  • Pattern from 18-Card Stack: You show the spectator a packet of cards (buy our CubeSmith Cards), each displaying 3 sides of a mixed cube. There are 18 patterns and all of them are different. You briefly mix the packet face down, then the spectator picks one card (you don't see the pattern). Then you give them the cube to mix. When they are ready, you take the cube back without looking, and "solve" it behind your back so that the cube will match the pattern on the selected card.
  • Color Sense-ation: The spectator mixes the cube, and keeps the cube in their hands. You try to sense the colors from a distance, without ever looking at the mixed cube... "Is there a GREEN in the center somewhere?" - you ask, and the spectator looks for the green side of the cube... you then name every color on that side.
  • One Color Only: The spectator names their favorite color (or any of the six colors) from the cube. You give them the cube to mix, then take the cube back without looking, and "solve" it behind your back. Actually, you don't solve the whole cube, only one side - which has its selected color!
  • Cloned Cube (2 cubes): You introduce two cubes, and give both of them to your audience to mix. Then you take one of them (either cube) without looking, and "solve" it behind your back so that the cube will match the other cube (the one they kept for themselves).
  • Virtual Cube Match: You show a virtual cube on your phone, which can be mixed with finger swipes. You also show a real cube. Then you try to make a prediction on the phone, while the spectator is mixing the real cube. You put your prediction (the phone) face down, and wait for the spectator to finish mixing the cube. When they are ready, you turn over the phone, and match the virtual cube to the real cube - and they are identical!
  • Virtual Cube Predicted: The spectator opens the blog page (https://cubing.rocks/your-username) on their phone, and you talk about some cube facts you've read there. Then you show a virtual cube on your phone, which can be mixed with finger swipes. You give it to the spectator, who can mix the cube on the screen. When they are ready, you ask them to scroll down the webpage on their phone to the 3rd article, and look at the photo: it shows the same pattern that they've just mixed on the screen!
  • WEB-Cube Cloning: This routine can also be performed via video chat (like Zoom). The spectator opens a web page showing a virtual cube on their phone (or computer). They can mix the cube (with finger swipes or using the mouse) and you will clone their virtual cube using a real cube - blindfolded or above your head.
  • Follow the WEB-Cube: This routine is similar to the WEB-cube cloning routine, except you can start cloning as soon as they start mixing the virtual cube. This way you can do the cloning off-camera (so they don't see it) and you can reach for the cloned cube (like it was in your drawer the whole time) as soon as they finish mixing.
  • Cloning with a Regular Cube: You introduce two cubes and give one of them to your audience to mix. Then you take the other cube (a regular one, without Bluetooth!!!), and "solve" it blindfolded so that the cube will match the other cube (the one they have mixed).

Read more information about the app and the routines at our CubeSmith website.

🎖️ A Next Level Act

CubeSmith offers a myriad of miraculous routines and illusions, enabling you to stun audiences with your cube wizardry, even if you lack traditional solving abilities. Whether you choose to don a blindfold or not, your cube magic will leave onlookers awestruck. The app has garnered effusive applause from users, with many attesting that it constitutes the pinnacle of Rubik's cube magic.

If you aspirate to elevate your magic to new heights, look no further than CubeSmith. Guaranteed to disappoint not.

📦 What's Included

  • The selected Bluetooth magic cube

📕 Documentation

Do you have more questions? Read our CubeSmith documentation for our comprehensive guide, FAQ, and routine ideas.

🤝 Compatible with

  • CubeSmith app
  • Luna CubeSmith Cards
  • Cube 52 by Craig Petty
  • PeekSmith 3

📐 Specifications

Dimensions: 56 mm

🎙️ What Users Say

CubeSmith is the greatest piece of Rubik magic ever released. - Mark Elsdon

This is without a doubt the best use of an App I have on my phone! This has made me full in love with cube magic!Paul Romhany

Benke has smashed the rubix cube genre into a new dimension, you literally need no cube experience to do miracles. Absolutely love this app! - Kieron Johnson

Benke, your app is INSANE. Very well done! - Wayne Looch

I'm useless with cube magic... Cubesmith makes me look like a master! - Alan Rorrison

Can't believe what you have created. One of the BEST things I've ever purchased! - Michael J. Fitch

  1. Roland Kaszányi

    A brilliant method of a brilliant mind.
  2. Sándor Galambos

    I usually start my shows with that what they will see are just fine tricks because there are no real miracles. I dare not say that anymore. Thanks to CubeSmith for that...
  3. Gábor Németh

    CubeSmith is a synonym for miracle! This is the most visual effect that you can do with a cube.
  4. Geoff Leech

    This app let's you do the impossible
  5. Jeremy Pei

    CubeSmith have revolutionized the power of Rubik’s Magic!
  6. Sirus Russell

    Cubesmith is the pinnacle of cubing magic apps. Bringing together new ideas and improved versions of all the recent releases, for all your magic cubing needs, this is your one stop shop.
  7. Charlie Dent

    With CubeSmith you are no longer someone performing Rubik Cube tricks but a magician performing miracles to your audience and yourself. You can be blindfolded and still perform so many miracles with ease. This is as close to pure magic as it is possible to get. Well done Benke Smith CubeSmith for this absolutely amazing product.
  8. Brian Role

    Benke has gone and created a powerful tool that enables the performer a whole sequence of mind blowing effects using cubes.
  9. Chris Lina

    This is the last cube utility you will ever buy
  10. Balasubramanian Chandran

    Thank you Benke Smith for opening up so many more magical possibilities with CubeSmith!
  11. Tanan Udomcharn

    This app will be the most worthwhile investment I would ever pay for a magic app. For $110 it is obviously underpriced when considering the number of effects and features included in the app. Benke is the most thoughtful, creative, and considerate creator I have ever known.
  12. Shankar Junior

    CubeSmith is NOT AN APP. It's your invisible assistant enabling you to perform wonders with RubikCubes. Highly recommended!
  13. Sarm Pittawat

    This app should be Best magic app of this year!
  14. Raj Tovar

    This is Rubik’s Cube magic on Steroids!
  15. Craig Raley

    When it comes to the Rubik’s Cube, whether you want to perform feats of impossible skill, predict amazing outcomes, perform unbelievable magic or even just show a crazy coincidence, CubeSmith is the app you should invest in immediately.
  16. Peter Neuthinger

    Don't buy it! It's so awesome that I want to be the only one who owns it!
  17. Ed Hollingsworth

    Best Rubik’s Cube Trick of 2019
  18. Samuel Gaitan

    My friend, this application is the best cube magic I've seen and done!!! OMG, wooooow... With all honesty this is insane, a true magician fooler. Every cube magic on the market is childs play compared to this.
  19. Michael Clark

    I have bought most cube effects on the market, and CubeSmith can achieve almost all of them in one. Thank you Benke Smith for making my dream come true, and for releasing one the best cube Apps to date.
  20. Ian Openshaw

    Cube Magic is facing a 'Mass Extinction'!Thanks to Benke Smith and CubeSmith my other cube gimmicks and effects have gone the way of the dinosaurs. EXTINCT! Now I can perform real magic using 'Spectator Mixed' cubes and create true miracles.
  21. Jovan Wong

    I am not a cube magician. Ever since I bought my first rubik's cube magic recently which fails me big time, I thought I lost it forever. Until I was introduce to CubeSmith. It wows me with it's routines! Extremely fascinated by CubeSmith's effort in making it awesome! If 5 stars is the max, they deserve 8 stars.
  22. Jan Kan

    I am so happy to have found CubeSmith. This app is something special and will change the cube magic significantly. I can now do things with a cube that I never dreamed of in my life. And that although I can't solve a cube alone until today. In addition there is an extraordinary good support and a nice contact to the creator Benke.
  23. Alec Negri

    I couldn't get my credit card out fast enough!
  24. Tony Gardner

    Was there even cube magic before this app????
  25. Alexander Kölle

    If I would have enough money I would buy the rights for CubeSmith, so I would be the only person who is allowed to use it. It is tooooo... good for everyone else!
  26. Quique Alvarez

    For those who perform cube magic, CubeSmith is not one more app, it's 'THE APP'. The biggest compendium of effects you can get with a truly and genuine mixed cube.
  27. Jon Allen

    What Benke Smith has produced with CubeSmith is phenomenal... and it is evolving all the time to help you perform ever more miraculous effects.
  28. Derek Hubb Irwin

    CubeSmith will change everything in cube magic. Actually do what you say and perform miracles. Benke thought of everything and delivered a product that will fit any performance style or routine you like.
  29. John Hinton

    Often utility devices have 1, maybe 2, incredible applications...CubeSmith has 11! Best mentalism thinking the cube has ever seen!!
  30. Rune Carlsen

    CubeSmith has opened a new dimension in Cube Magic.
  31. Michael J. Fitch

    Can't believe what you have created. One of the BEST things I've ever purchased!
  32. Alan Rorrison

    I'm useless with cube magic... Cubesmith makes me look like a master!
  33. Wayne Looch

    Benke, your app is INSANE. Very well done!
  34. Kieron Johnson

    Benke has smashed the rubix cube genre into a new dimension, you literally need no cube experience to do miracles. Absolutely love this app!
  35. Paul Romhany

    This is without a doubt the best use of an App I have on my phone! This has made me full in love with cube magic!
  36. Mark Elsdon

    CubeSmith is the greatest piece of Rubik magic ever released.
  37. Angelo Carbone

    As a CubeSmith, TimeSmith, PeekSmith and soon DiceSmith user with their appropriate products, I have to say I have never been so impressed by the sheer amount of app updates / features, routine versatility and customer service by any other magic duo. Some of my best purchases ever!
  38. Mark Elsdon

    I've been doing magic with a Rubik's Cube for longer than I care to remember, and I have seen, bought, played with, tried out or performed virtually every single Rubik-related trick, prop, book, DVD or routine. Benke's CubeSmith comfortably stands head and shoulders above all of them as the greatest piece of Rubik magic ever released. The number of incredible routines you can perform with it is outrageous and his after sales service and support is phenomenal. Sell every other Rubik magic thing you have, it's now redundant. Benke won. Highest recommendation.
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