Our CubeSmith Cubes

Why Are We Offering Three CubeSmith Cubes?

We have 3 different CubeSmith Cubes available for our CubeSmith app, each one has an advantage.

Using more and different-looking cubes can lower the suspense factor, as the variety of cubes makes it look like it is your real collection of cubes, and people would not think there are so many types of connected cubes. The CubeSmith app has routines with one and two cubes, but you can connect more, and let the spectator select a cube.

ManufacturerXiaomiGANXiaomi + Giiker
Battery TypeCR1632CR1632CR1632
Battery Life365 hours280 hours365 hours
Price49 USD49 USD89 USD

CubeSmith Classic: It is a Xiaomi cube stickered with our stickers, with a blunt edge and a matte material. We think this is the best offer you can start with your CubeSmith career.

CubeSmith Chroma: It is a Monster Go AI stickerless cube from GAN, but we are removing their logo. A stickerless cube to spice up your presentations.

CubeSmith Deluxe: This is a cube that has parts from both a Xiaomi and a Giiker cube. The core is Xiaomi, and the outside pieces are Giiker. They are assembled by Vinci Tang, and also stickered and the magnets glued for smooth and silent turns. These cubes have rounded edges and glossy material. They are great for speedcubing and probably have the most innocent look.

You can buy and sticker/modify other compatible cubes on the market as well.


First Steps

Our Cubes

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Solving the Cube


Camera Snapshot

Solve a Custom Pattern

Pattern from 18-Card Stack

Color Sense-ation

One Color Only

Cloned Cube (2 cubes)

Virtual Cube Match

Virtual Cube Predicted

WEB-Cube Cloning

Follow the WEB-Cube

Cloning with a Regular Cube

Cube Techniques

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Corner Cutting

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