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Do as I Do


For this “Do as I do” real-time cloning routine, you’ll be performing a fun and interactive challenge with a member of your audience. Here’s how it works:


  • Select the “Cloned cubes” routine from the CubeMagic App.
  • Hand out two cubes to members of the audience and invite one of them to join you on the stage.
  • Challenge the chosen spectator to solve the cube behind their back, and let them know that you will attempt to do the same.
  • Instruct the spectator on how to turn the cube, but secretly execute only the initial U & R move. The app will calculate the cloning steps for you.
  • Ask the spectator to make about 20 moves with their cube.
  • Both you and the spectator begin to “solve” the cubes behind your backs.
  • In reality, here’s what happens: You start cloning the spectator’s cube by following the app’s instructions. However, with each turn the spectator makes, their moves will be added to your cloning steps. Yes, the cloning routine works this way; the target cube can be mixed with additional moves while you’re cloning it. Essentially, you will perform twice as many moves as they do, but this goes unnoticed.
  • When the spectator is finished, you execute the final few moves, and both of you hold out your cubes  – but none of them is solved.
  • BUT WAIT: both cubes have the same pattern!

This routine adds an interactive and entertaining twist to the cloning concept, making it seem like a “Do as I do” challenge while secretly cloning the spectator’s cube moves. The audience will be left intrigued and entertained by the surprising outcome.

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