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Pattern from 18-Card Stack


You show the spectator a packet of cards, each displaying 3 sides of a shuffled cube. There are 18 patterns and all of them are different. You briefly mix the packet face down, then the spectator picks one card (you don’t see the pattern). Then you give them the cube to shuffle. When they are ready, you take the cube back without looking, and “solve” it behind your back so that the cube will match the pattern on the selected card.

Method (With Stacked Cards)

Select “Pattern from 18-Card Stack” as the routine, and set the option “Wait after mixing” to either 3sec (when practicing) or to 10-15sec (when performing). Turn on “Audio guide (speech)” if you’d like to get audio guide, and select any of the “Onscreen display” options. Then start the routine… Wait till “Ready to go” or “GO” appears after displaying the name of the routine.

Show the stack of cards to the spectator (cards can be mixed with Charlier shuffle), and ask them to select one but don’t show it to anyone yet! Then you cut the deck at the selection, and secretly glimpse the bottom card (the one before their chosen card): the bottom piece (edge) of the cube has 2 colors (left and right)… just memorize those 2 colors in order!

Now you introduce the cube… and while you ask them to mix it, you openly turn 2 sides of the cube – according to the memorized colors! So if you see blue & yellow on the bottom card, you turn the BLUE side once, then the YELLOW side once. Now all is set, the app already knows the pattern of their card.

So you hand them the cube to mix. With each turn the timer resets, so you will have to wait X seconds after the shuffle to proceed with solving.

The first two moves will always be “Top forward and Right forward” or “U R“, this way the app will know how you’re holding the cube. Then you should follow the steps to solve the cube. If you make a mistake, the app will insert a correction move. If you make too many mistakes in a row, the whole solving process will start over.

When the cube is solved to the chosen pattern, you will see “The cube is solved” or a 🙂 smiley on the screen. Then you compare the cube to their selected card… and they do match!

You can restart the routine at any point by turning ANY side of the cube 4 times in opposite directions (forward-back-forward-back). Also you can switch routines while the name of the routine is still being displayed, you do this by turning any side of the cube forward (next routine) or backwards (previous routine). Remember to always wait for “Ready to go” before you start the routine, so you wouldn’t accidentally switch routines!

Method #2 (With Mixed Deck)

If the cards get mixed (ruining the stack order), you can still perform this effect! Just offer the cards face up for selection, and take a quick look at the bottom colors of the selected card. Here comes the difference: if you turn the FIRST COLOR TWICE, you will tell the app that the selected card is not the next one in the stack (like with the original method), it will be exactly that card you are entering colors from! So if you turn RED-RED-YELLOW (then give it to the spectator to mix) the chosen pattern will be the one with RED and YELLOW on the bottom piece.

Solve The Cube First

If you enable option “Solve The Cube First” in the TRICK SETTINGS, then the app will guide you to solve the cube to a fully solved state first. At this point you can say “Ohh sorry, I accidentally solved the cube… that’s a bad habit of mine. Let me try again and solve your selected pattern!” – then you put it behind your back and solve their selected pattern.

ATTENTION: shall you repeat the routine, this option would be automatically turned OFF (so you can pull this “joke” only once).