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Glyphs - The #1 Physical Prediction System

Physical Prediction with Integrations

Glyphs is a product of Moustapha Berjaoui & Illusionary. It is a small, fast, and reliable system to create physical predictions.

Multi-Display is a premium feature of the PeekSmith app, with this, you can send information to Glyphs (the device is not included). SBMote is our one-button remote. Buy them together in a bundle.



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The Most Compact Printer on the Market
Stunning Possibilities with Integrations
Quiet, Fast, Small, Reliable and the Best Offer
Glyphs Prediction System


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Glyphs System by Moustapha Berjaoui & Illusionary is a revolutionary piece of technology that allows you to make an impossible real-time physical prediction. Great for close-up or stage shows, street magic, and walkarounds.

How to Perform

Don't hesitate if you want to create an astounding and unforgettable experience. By correctly predicting numbers, words, lotteries or drawings chosen by a spectator, and producing a physical prediction from your pocket as proof, you can leave your audience in awe, with their jaws dropped in amazement.

There are a variety of methods for input, some of which are fully automated, but the common factor is that the audience will be captivated by your performance. You can add an element of surprise, and by providing a physical proof made before the spectator chooses the number or word, it creates an illusion that the performer has extreme abilities. This can give an emotional impact to the audience and make the experience more memorable. As a mentalist, you can tell a story, create a narrative that leads to the revelation, making it even more powerful.

Product Benefits

The System includes the iOS app and a compact thermal printer to deliver your vision with ease. What truly sets this product apart from the competition is its integrations with other apps and unique routines, and the dimensions allow you to hide it at creative places. Fellow app developers are already using the API to create some truly impressive routines, and there are some exciting accessories in progress as well.

There's no force! You can ask the spectator to name some numbers, and you can almost immediately reveal a convincing lotto ticket with these numbers on it.

Our goal is to become the strongest solution in this category on the market, offering the easiest way to predict:

  • numbers,
  • words,
  • drawings,
  • lotteries, and
  • much-much more.

And the device is:

  • quiet,
  • fast,
  • small,
  • reliable, and
  • just the best offer on the market.

It is the clear choice for any mentalist.

There are other similar products available (like Joao Miranda's Legacy or Cesaral's CUPP), however, we think the product size, integrations, and routines coming will make it the most interesting solution on the market.

Magicians are Raving

Many magicians have already made the system a staple in their shows, including Paul Romhany, Shahul Breaker, Azzan Makhdoomi, Steve Faulkner, Mariano Goñi, Robert Sanders, Jonathan Levit, Bobby Motta, Paul Kozak, Maxime Hélier, Kevin Hamdan, Patrick Kun, Matt Wilson, and Charlie Hewish. They have all praised it for its versatility, reliability, and power. Make sure you read their reviews on our reviews tab.

Some examples printed by Glyphs

The App

But that's not all - the companion app is in active development and is ready to work with a variety of other applications and systems.

The app is working well with these remotes:

And several apps are already compatible or planned to be soon:

  • PeekSmith app (for example text from Inject, WikiTest and other integrations, impression pad text recognition, NFC/RFID cards) - you will need the Multi-Display add-on
  • DiceSmith app (data from the dice)
  • TimeSmith app (the time you set on the watch)
  • ThoughtCast app by ThoughtCast Magic (text recognition)
  • Stranger app by Jonathan Levit (your stranger has a print too)

Most of the time these systems were usable only on stage or in parlor settings, many times they required an assurance or a helper or a gimmick box that was huge.

The Glyphs System is tiny, only
7.5cm x 4.5cm x 3cm

One-on-One and Stage Mentalism

You can both perform in a one-on-one situation but you can fill the biggest stages with it too - probably this is the smartest solution on the market now.

Yes! This is the real photo of the size of the printer.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your magic to the next level. Buy it today and start impressing your audiences with impossible prophecies.

What's Included

  • Glyphs device
  • iOS app installation guide
  • a personal consultation
  • paper for your predictions

A session of personal consultation and creating one template are included in the price. There will be a growing number of templates, and community-made templates available as well.



  • Width: 7.5cm
  • Height: 3cm
  • Thickness: 4.5cm

The smallest prediction device on the market. Easily fits in your pocket or you can hide it in some creative places.

  1. Jan Forster

    I love Glyphs! So easy to handle and so reliable! Support is great, the accompanying app is fantastic. Still things to explore - the API integrations are fantastic. Highest recommendation!
  2. Rowland Valentine

    Just had a very interesting face time call with Moustapha Berjaoui this is an amazing piece of kit.
  3. Michael Murray

    A whole new world of possibilities!!!
  4. T.J. Tana

    Moustapha - thank you, thank you, thank you for Powerball Mode! ☺️☺️☺️
  5. Adi Ramakrishna

    Had my first experience successfully integrating Glyphs into my set tonight. Amazing reactions, the receipt printed perfectly, and the reveals were nothing short of spectacular.
  6. Charlie Hewish

    Moustapha has created a revolutionary piece of magic technology, finally, impossible stage predictions are available for the close-up performer. The API is a game changer…
  7. Matt Wilson (Creator of the Wilson remote)

    Magicians are becoming more empowered to create whatever they want in this new MakerWorld. Glyphs is an amazing device that takes thermal printing to a new level!
  8. Patrick Kun

    If you are looking for a prediction system that is reliable and compact then Glyph is the one. The workflow of Glyph is literally self-working and is perfect for solo performers. No need for an accomplice to do the work for you. The app works seamlessly with most magic apps on the market and that’s why it’s so practical. This is bar far the best prediction system on the market and I can’t recommend it enough.
  9. Kevin Hamdan

    I am immensely impressed with Glyphs. I love tools in Mentalism like this! The options are endless, the app is unbelievable and it works every time. As a working pro, it goes without saying, it needs to work. This tool does not disappoint and will sincerely impress you. Moustapha, you outdid yourself my friend. This is going directly into my new show! Great work my man!
  10. Maxime Hélier (Creator of Elips)

    GLYPHS combines a really small device with a beautifully designed app… for truly powerful revelations! Bravo Moustapha!
  11. Paul Kozak

    I use my Glyphs 7 days a week, 2 shows a night, and never had a problem. It is amazingly versatile, with endless possibilities. So quiet that you’ll wonder if it did it’s job… I assure you… it did!
  12. Bobby Motta

    It’s the most reliable system in the market, I use it every show.
  13. Jonathan Levit

    Glyphs is smart AND powerful. Moustapha has considered the technology and performance. The combination makes this a winner for any act.
  14. Mariano Goñi

    This is by far the best standalone prediction system to date! Moustapha has not only created a practical app but is probably one of the cleanest ways to predict anything by showing printed proof of it! Truly worthy of five stars. You will be able to learn and start performing this in no time!
  15. Steve Faulkner

    Glyphs is that rare thing: an app that doesn’t have 250 settings, that works every time, and still maintains versatility and quality. I was using it within hours and have only seen a fraction of its true potential. It’s brilliant.
  16. Azzan Makhdoomi

    Glyphs is so incredible that I want to be the only one to use it. I NEVER leave home without it.
  17. Shahul Breaker

    Crazy good. Glyphs is my favorite utility to achieve many crazy effects. It makes impossible memories for everyone who watches my show. … highly recommend…
  18. Paul Romhany

    Performed the watch/receipt routine tonight - WOW WOW WOW. This is going on in EVERY show and it's so good it's a closer.
  19. Magic Wayne

    Glyphs is amazing, a whole new world of possibilities with this mentalism tool! I dare to say this might blow another more expensive tool that uses ink / pencil to write and a pain to change out the water:) Definitely will be using this tool as an EDC!
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