First Steps

Congratulations on having your Atom device! We hope you will like this tiny piece of magic, and you'll amaze your audience.

What's Included?

  • Atom
  • USB-C charging cable

We recommend joining our Atom Facebook Group for updates and discussing your ideas. It is a welcoming and active community you will love. 🙂

Known Issues

Please note that Atom One is not ideal for every situation.

We are not satisfied with the Bluetooth range of the device, which is about 2-3 meters and can be shorter when you palm it. That said, some of our customers are satisfied with the current range, which can work for close-up performances. This is similar to our early experiences, we think that there are use cases where Atom One is working well.

The standby time of Atom One is about 2 days. If you turn it off fully charged, it will be out of battery in this period.

Some customers reported that when the battery is low, Atom is freezing, and not starting. In this situation, you have to unplug Atom from the charger, wait until it goes out of battery (3 days, depending on how long you have charged it), and try turning on Atom again. If it is not turning on, then don't leave it on the charger, as you have to wait longer to discharge it again. If it turns on, charge it until it is full. We are fixing this issue with firmware updates.

We are already working on Atom Two to improve these parameters. If you preordered Atom earlier, or buying Atom now for the full price, you will also get an Atom Two device. You can also buy Atom One to experiment with MagiScript, and use it for the use cases we mention above.


Atom is our first device to have MagiScript support, so you can create mini-apps running on the device without an internet connection or phone.

Read the Docs

We are sharing important tips here - please read this guide carefully before start using our device.

Always make sure that you upgrade your device to the latest firmware (code running on the Atom device). You can do that with our MagiScript editor, or with the free-to-download PeekSmith app. Later in this guide, you will find the instructions, but for a quick start, let's begin.

Charging Your Atom Device

Your Atom will arrive uncharged. Make sure you are charging it before using it, and don't remove it from the charger until it is fully charged. You can turn it on and try it while it is connected to the charger. Please read the known charging issue mentioned above.

Turning ON and OFF the Atom Device

You can turn ON Atom by pressing the top left button. The RGB LED will start blinking BLUE for about 10 seconds (30 seconds with the latest firmware), indicating it is ready for a Bluetooth connection. If a MagiScript app is running the LED blinks in cyan to indicate that.

Since firmware v1.5.55, Atom has built-in mini-apps. When Atom starts, it will load the Atom Launcher mini-app by default. You have 5 seconds to start a mini-app by pressing one of the buttons (1-6). If you miss it, you have to restart Atom. You can read more about the built-in mini-apps on our dedicated page.

You can exit the built-in mini-apps by pressing the bottom-right button for a few seconds. If you have a PeekSmith, it will show you "Exit", then "Goodbye". After exiting the apps, the Atom Launcher will start and you have 5 seconds to start another mini-app.

If no phone, computer, or other device connects to Atom, and no mini-app is running for 10 seconds, it automatically turns OFF.

You can press ANY button for about 5 seconds to turn it OFF.

Battery Level and Life

At the moment we are not calculating battery percentage, but you can check the battery voltage in the PeekSmith and the TimeSmith app. We recommend installing the free PeekSmith app, as this app can install the latest firmware on your remote.

It is a higher battery voltage measured when Atom is on the charger. When connected to the charger, and the voltage is about 4.0 V, you can consider Atom is charged. If disconnected from the charger, it is about 3.6 V at the maximum.

The minimum battery voltage Atom is reliably working with is about 2.9 V.

Battery management will be improved with Atom Two. At the moment Atom can go hot during charging. As far as we know it can be considered as OK, and cause no issue.

We have not yet measured the actual power consumption and battery life. Our planned goal was 8 working hours with a fully charged battery.

The battery levels and consumption will be tested more in the next weeks, and the apps will display more informative values.

Next Steps

Go and start discovering what you can do with our apps, see our compatibility page for details. At the moment the PeekSmith and TimeSmith apps are supporting Atom, but we are working on our other apps, too.

Firmware updates are available in the PeekSmith app, and also in our web browser-based MagiScript editor you can use to edit and upload MagiScript mini-apps.

And finally, you can start learning MagiScript as well.