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Atom / Atom 2 Smart Remote

First Steps

Congrats on having your Atom device. You will love this tiny piece of magic, and amaze your audience. Contents of the box:

  • Atom Smart Remote
  • USB-C charging cable

You're Backed by a Supportive Network

Join our Atom Facebook Group for updates and to discuss your ideas. It is a welcoming and active community you will love. You can contact us if you have any questions:

Atom 2 Smart Remote

Atom 2 is a huge improvement. It has:

  • a plastic case
  • 12 silent buttons, and a dedicated power button
  • accelerometer
  • fine tuned Bluetooth range
  • MagiScript support



Atom is our first device to have MagiScript support, so you can create mini-apps running on the device without an internet connection or phone. You can write your mini-apps, or run mini-apps created by the community. We offer some built-in mini-apps as well.

Be Up-to-Date

It is important:

  • for useful tips and details, read our documentation
  • to get the latest features, keep updating the apps and the firmware (we have released our first firmware update in April 2024, this documentation is always about the latest firmware and app versions)
  • stay updated, and share your ideas in the Atom FB group

Turning Atom ON and OFF

  • Easy first steps:

    • charge the device: wall chargers, car connectors, and computer ports should work (some powerful chargers might not) — make it charged before a performance
    • works with you: Atom 2 will back you during your performance, it has an amazing battery life
    • turn it on: press and hold the power button (on the back of the device) — will vibrate, and the LED turns to cyan for 5 seconds (indication of “launch mode”)
    • turn it off: press and hold the power button — after a few seconds the LED turns red, Atom vibrates and turns off


Mini-apps are basic applications running on Atom. They not neccesarily need a phone but can control other Bluetooth devices like PeekSmith 3 or SB Watch. Atom includes 10 built-in mini-apps, and you can create and install more.

We have detailed documentation about the built-in mini-apps.


Atom 2 can act as a Bluetooth keyboard to enter information in ANY application. These keyboards are implemented as mini-apps. You need to launch a keyboard mini-app (there are five), for example the numeric keyboard if you would like to use it.


When Atom starts, it goes into launch mode and you have 5 seconds to start a mini-app by pressing one of the buttons (#1-#11). Any time you can switch to launch mode by double-clicking the power button, and you will have 5 seconds to launch a mini-app, again.

The launch mode is indicated by a cyan LED light.

You can set a mini-app to be launched when you turn on Atom. Press and hold the power button, and press the button of the app you would like to select. Don’t press the power button too long, as it will turn off Atom.

Battery Life

We have not yet measured the actual power consumption and battery life. We will document these topics in the future.

Atom is using 3 colors to give you feedback about the battery. Plug it in, and you will see yellow, red or green color, which means low, in-progress, charged states.

If you see that Atom blinks yellow and turns off, it means the battery is low.

Next Steps

Visit our compatibility page for information about using the device with our apps. At the moment the PeekSmith and TimeSmith apps are supporting Atom, but we are working on our other apps, too.

Firmware updates are going to be available in the PeekSmith app, and also in our web browser-based MagiScript editor you can use to edit and upload MagiScript mini-apps.

And finally, you can start learning MagiScript as well.

Atom 1 is Deprecated

Atom 1 is not ideal for every situation, and we are not supporting it anymore (we have offered a free upgrade program). Low battery might freeze Atom 1. Unplug it, wait until it goes out of battery (3 days), and turn it on. If not start, remove it from the charger immediately, and try it later. If turns on, charge it until it is full.