What makes Atom Unique?

Atom's most unique feature is running MagiScript mini-apps. This opens the opportunity for community members to create and customize routines based on their ideas in minutes. There's no need to know a lot about Bluetooth communication or setting up a development environment, or app store submissions. Just create an app.

We are also working on providing routines, app compatibility, keyboard modes, thumper functionality, or sharing information with the RGB LED that no other remotes are offering on the market.

You will also get regular firmware updates to get more and more features.

How Can I Hide Atom?

We have several ideas:

  • Palming: you can palm Atom in your hand.
  • Pocket: put Atom into your pocket, and press the buttons when you are adding or removing something from your pocket.
  • Pocket: you can feel and press the buttons through your trouser material.
  • Hiding it in an object: you can keep Atom on a board, or in a card box, and press the buttons.

Have to Learn Programming to Use Atom?

No. First of all, Atom will be compatible with several apps out of the box. Just connect Atom, and start using them. We will also preload some MagiScript apps for you, so you won't have to care about how MagiScript works. And we will have example code you can review and customize without fully understanding how it works.

We will be here for you to help you learn to program. MagiScript is an easy-to-learn language, and a lot of examples of code will be available for you to understand the concepts. Maybe it won't be as easy as LEGO but will be close to it.

How can I charge The Device?

You can charge it with the USB-C port. Plug it with the included cable to your computer or wall charger. The device can be on or off. When the device is off, it will obviously charge faster. You can turn it on to read the battery percentage. When you are charging the device, a slightly higher battery percentage will be reported.

Is Atom Two in The Works?

Yes. We are not satisfied with some aspects of Atom One, the first iteration of Atom. While we think it can be used for several routines, the Bluetooth range is shorter than we planned. Early buyers of Atom will get Atom Two for free. New customers can get Atom One for a low price or can decide to get them both for the full price.

How long Atom is Working Fully Charged?

We have not yet conducted a measurement with the final hardware and firmware. Our plan was 8 hours, and we can say it takes many hours to discharge Atom.