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Built-In Mini-Apps


Atom has 10 built-in mini-apps:

  • #1 Atom Time - set the time on an SB Watch
  • #2 Atom Stack - learn and peek at card stacks
  • #3 Atom Pi - offline Pi Revelations app
  • #4 Atom Square - magic square generator
  • #5 Atom Practice - practice entering time
  • #7 Numeric keyboard - enter numbers
  • #8 NOKIA alphanumeric keyboard - enter any word
  • #9 Cursor keyboard - for Inject 2 (for example)
  • #10 Media controls - control music
  • #11 Custom keyboard - type WikiTest keywords, setup your own keyboard

Starting and Stopping the Built-in Mini-Apps

On power on, Atom doesn't start a mini-app by default, but starts launch mode, and you have 5 seconds to start one of them, just click the button the app assigned to. Later, you can switch to launch mode by double-clicking the power button.

You can setup Atom to start the mini-app you prefer by pressing the power button and the app's button together. You can clear this setting by pressing the power button and the #12 (Exit/Clear) button together.

In short:

  • To start a built-in mini-app, press the power button twice (double click), then the dedicated button.
  • To stop the mini-app is running, press the power button twice, and the EXIT button.
  • To set up a mini-app to start on power-on, hold the power button, and press the dedicated button.
  • To prevent the mini-app start on power-up, hold the power button and press CLR.


With the MagiScript editor you can configure the MagiScript device, and open the Settings modal.

The first tab is about configuring which app should be launched when you turn on Atom. It is the Atom Launcher by default, but you can select another built-in app or an app you persisted. You can also assign apps to the 1 - 6 buttons.

The second tab allows you to configure some mini-app-related settings. You can specify the PeekSmith ID or the SB Watch ID you would like to connect to. By default, these values are *, which means Atom will connect to the first device it finds. You can also set a time value called "Process After". When you enter a value in the apps, most of them wait for a short time, so you can fix the value you entered. This is the "Process After" time. By default, it is 3000 ms, 3 seconds. Finally, you can specify which card stack you would like to use with the Atom Stack app (see later).

Finally, the third tab allows you to fine-tune vibrations. The first "Feedback Vibration" sets how the vibration works when you press a button. You can turn it off, or set 4 different values (which will make the vibration a bit shorter or longer). Vibration Strength sets the vibration level, also you can turn off vibrations. The other settings are related to vibration timing, for now, you might not want to change them.

All the changes will be saved when you hit the Save button, and ignored if you click the Cancel button.

Atom Time

Launch this mini-app with button 1 (top-left).

Atom Time is the synergy of our three pioneering products: the Atom Remote, the SB Watch hybrid watch, and the PeekSmith 3 electronic peeking device. Technically you only need Atom and an SB Watch, but this app supports PeekSmith 3 as well to display the time entered and to give you visual feedback about the time you set. If you have no PeekSmith connected, then it will be ignored.

The functionality of the app is similar to the TimeSmith app, however, you can directly connect Atom and SB Watch and you will need no phone.

Atom acts as a numeric keyboard, the top left button enters 1, the middle 2, and so on. The bottom middle button enters 0. The bottom right button acts as a backspace and deletes the last digit entered.

There are some additional tricks to set the current time:

  • pressing the bottom-left button immediately sets the time you entered (otherwise you have to wait a few seconds),
  • entering 4444 or 9999 sets the current time,
  • also long-pressing the button above the bottom-right button (which enters 9), sets the current time, too,
  • enter only one number to set a round time, like entering 7 will set the time to 7:00,
  • when you have PeekSmith connected, you can see the time on the watch - also there are star characters before and after the time indicating when the watch hands are moving.

Atom Stack

Launch this mini-app with button 2 (top-middle).

Atom Stack is about working with card stacks, or learning stacks. The Si StebbinsMnemonicaAronson, and Memorandum stacks are currently supported. You can select the stack using the MagiScript editor (see above).

To use the app, enter the position of a card in an AC->AK, AD->KD, AH->KH, and AS->KS card stack (we call this "simple"), and Atom will display this and the next two cards in your chosen card stack. AC is 1. 2C is 2. 9C is 9. AH is 27. 3H is 29. AK is 52.

You can also "move around" with the bottom left and bottom right buttons. You can use this to learn, try guessing the next cards.

If you need help, just enter 00, and you will get some.

Atom Pi

Launch this mini-app with button 3 (top-right).

Pi Revelations is a stunning magic trick. With the help of this trick, you can reveal your spectator's PIN Number, Passcode, Date Of Birth, or Random Time within the first fifty thousand decimals of Pi. The trick is sold with a book and a link to an indexing website, allowing you to create unbelievable revelations without the need for memory work. Pi Revelations by David Penn (worldmagicshop.com)

With the Atom Pi mini-app, you can enter a 4-digit number, and it will reveal on PeekSmith where the digits are in the book (page, line number, and column). Atom stores the necessary logic to calculate this information.

Thanks to Badasha Khan for helping me to add this feature.

Atom Square

Launch this mini-app with button 4 (2nd row-left).

Atom Square is a magic square calculator mini-app. It's quite simple, you just have to enter a two-digit number, and it prints a magic square to the PeekSmith 3 screen. The minimum number that generates a "perfect" magic square is 22, by entering a smaller number expect some repeated numbers.

The mini-app mirrors and rotates the square so expect different results for the same numbers. Also for larger numbers, it is altering the square. If you would like to have "perfect" magic squares, you can upload the original and basic Atom Square app manually.

Atom Practice

Launch this mini-app with button 5 (2nd row-middle).

You can practice entering time confidently without watching by using this mini-app. It is a simple game to help you, first, it generates a random time, and then you have to enter it correctly. When connected to a browser (using the MagiScript editor), it will also tell you the time with an Audio Assistant, and give you feedback if you were successful or not.