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Apps and Devices

Atom is going to be compatible with a wide range of devices, keep coming back here to see the updated list. There will be three ways at least how Atom can be compatible with an app or device:

  1. An app is implementing support, and connecting to Atom directly with Bluetooth. Our PeekSmith and TimeSmith apps are an example.
  2. Atom’s upcoming Bluetooth Keyboard mode makes it compatible with other apps, so you can enter information like with any other keyboard. This is coming around June. This will enable it to work with apps not directly supporting it – like Inject.
  3. MagiScript scripts running on Atom can connect to devices directly. At the moment you can communicate with PeekSmith and SB Watch devices. We plan to add Spotted Dice support short term, and other devices long term.

You can program Atom and update its firmware with our web browser-based MagiScript editor.

App Support

  • TimeSmith app – you can connect your Atom to set the time.
  • PeekSmith app – you can input numeric information, assign actions to the buttons (like sending the numbers to Glyphs, Web API call, or Pi Revelations), and do firmware updates.
  • Inject 2 app – you can enter information with swipes

Direct Connection

Currently, these are available with MagiScript. You can use our examples to discover the features and upload mini-apps to Atom.

  • PeekSmith 3 – Atom can send text and vibration patterns, and read buttons and accelerometer data.
  • SB Watch – Atom can set a time, reset the watch to the current time, and read the crown button and accelerometer data.