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Comparison (Atom vs. other remotes)

Other Devices

The goal of the Atom remote control is not to compete with existing options, but to redefine how a remote can be used. It is highly configurable and can be used for various functions such as a smart thumpercommunication device, or application platform. Read our comparison below to see the strengths and weaknesses of our device.

Atom is not perfect by design, but it will be definitely the most powerful remote by its firmware.

First, it may seem that the Atom remote is similar in appearance to the Wilson remote, however, there are key differences. The size of the Atom remote's larger battery makes it larger, but it is still easy to hold and use comfortably, even when it is in your pocket or being held in the palm of your hand.

The button layout on the Atom remote is also different than other devices. We have chosen to use buttons that are extremely silent and have kept the layout simple with four rows of three buttons per row. These buttons are taller and have larger surfaces, making it easy to locate and press them, even when finding the edge buttons.