PeekSmith 3

Your new best friend in magic.

PeekSmith 3 is a product of András Bártházi. It is a state-of-the-art miniature peeking device for mentalists, compatible with wide range of magic apps and devices.


Simply the best solution
Works with the best magic apps on the market
Easy to hide, no palm required
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Product details

PeekSmith 3 is a miniature state-of-the-art peeking device like no other in the magic market. Proudly used by professionals worldwide such as Colin Cloud, Jan Forster, Jonathan Levit, Shawn Farquhar, Ryan Tricks just to name a few.

It was made for magicians by magicians, this device is the heart of our product line. It can secretly provide information coming from other devices and applications. It has a high-resolution color LCD screen, a vibration motor, and three buttons for input.

What can I do with PeekSmith 3?

PeekSmith 3 allows you to receive information about cards, words, pin codes, drawings, and anything you can imagine. It works with your favorite magics apps such as:

  • Inject 2 by Greg Rostami
  • Wikitest by Marc Kerstein
  • Pi Revelations by David Penn
  • Cognito by Lloyd Barnes
  • New Cypher Pro
  • Picasso Pro by Ellusionist
  • Hydra by Ellusionist
  • Novus by Ellusionist
  • DiceSmith by Benke Smith
  • TimeSmith by Benke Smith
  • CubeSmith by Benke Smith

For the full list, please check our compatibility product page.

Also, it can directly connect to other devices such as:

  • Insight by Hugo Shelley
  • Spotted Dice by Andras Barthazi
  • Kinetic Mental Dice by Marc-Antoine
  • Pitata Whiteboard by Pitata
  • Labco MindBuster (coming soon)
  • Thoughtcast board (coming soon)
  • Wacom Bamboo Slate (coming soon)
  • ISKN Slate (coming soon)

The PeekSmith app

The PeekSmith app is a free companion app for PeekSmith devices (some extra features might need payment). It has a growing list of features, including:

  • a thumper for sending text messages, vibration patterns or card information by an assistant
  • an in-app doodle board with text recognition; you can draw on the screen, or you can use a Pitata Whiteboard or Bamboo Slate
  • a Web Thumper, so your assistant can send you messages from the other side of the world
  • other configurable web polling sources to integrate your own sources

Standalone mode

Standalone mode is when you use PeekSmith 3 without a phone. It can directly connect via Bluetooth to other devices like Spotted Dice to display the dice values, NFC/RFID reader to read a card, or drawing boards to display the drawing in real-time.

The firmware of PeekSmith 3 is in active development, more and more features are coming to this mode, and you can install them via a firmware update.

Hiding PeekSmith 3

It is palmable and also fits in a card box or in the several amazing accessories our partners or we are offering. Having it in your pocket you can peek at it blindfolded or feel the signals from compatible apps and devices.

It has a bright future

We are constantly working with fellow magicians and makers to add support for more applications and devices, and also improve the firmware and the companion app. You can expect regular releases to make your product even better.

Why PeekSmith 3?

PeekSmith is designed by magicians, for magicians. It stays on permanently so you can get your peek at a glance whenever you need it. Apple Watch and smart band screens turn off after a short while to save battery. PeekSmith is compatible with many apps that have no Apple Watch or other smart device support. Dimensions of PeekSmith makes it easy to hide it in places where you cannot hide an Apple Watch (like card boxes, or your pocket). The screen is optimized for readability, and we are working with fellow app developers to maximize the information you can peek from the screen.

While other devices on the market can display information for you, PeekSmith 3 is the best in its category, offering the most integrations and constantly growing features for an amazing price.


The width of PeekSmith 3 is 52mm, the height is 17mm, and its thickness is 12mm. It was designed to fit into a card box easily.

What's included

  • PeekSmith 3
  • MicroUSB Charging Cable
  1. Ankur Arora

    The world Of Peeks is PERFECTED, Read minds with 100% Accuracy and 100% confidence, this is simply the world's best peek device. Words, Songs, Live Drawing Duplication what else you can think of and with best ever PS app, which itself is a great tool, just focus on your presentation, if you ruined, it was because you didn't peek 😉 , hats of to the creators.
  2. Craig Dickson

    I loved Peeksmith 2, and still use it, probably will for a lone time, but Peeksmith 3 changed the game. It seems every day, it keeps changing and evolving. That is who Andras and Benke are. I have never encounted two innovators that never stop taking and incorporate suggestions, improve, revise, add, and the most important, communicate and truly care about our art form. There is no purchase you can ever go wrong with. They exemplify the state of this art. Bravo.
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