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GhostMove is the product of András Bártházi. This tiny motion detection system let's you know which object was selected by the spectator.



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Bottle-cap-sized motion detection system
You will know what was selected by the spectator
The app works with GhostMove, Spotted Dice, SB Watch


📋 Product Details
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👻 Introducing the GhostMove

GhostMove is a small, bottle-cap-sized Bluetooth device with a motion detection system. The device has a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, which can be used for magic routines that use motion detection. You can hide it in other objects, like soft toys, boxes, etc., and you will know when the spectator picked up this object.

The companion GhostMove app can connect to GhostMove, Spotted Dice, SB Watch to report to you which one was moved.

It runs on a CR2032 button battery. The device also has a button and a red LED light. The cover is 3D-printed white plastic.

📱 About the GhostMove App

Our innovative GhostMove App is included for free. Designed to enhance your magical experiences with seamless connectivity across three of our devices: GhostMove, Spotted Dice, and SB Watch (having only GhostMove is enough, but all of these devices has a movement sensor, so you can combine for a routine).

The GhostMove App offers three routines to captivate your audience:

  • Movement (Single) routine: Connect to multiple devices and effortlessly identify the last moved item.
  • Movement (Multi) routine: Simultaneously monitor all connected devices, providing you with real-time insights into which item is currently in motion. 
  • Which Side is Up routine: Unravel the mystery of which side is facing up with precision. 

Notable features of GhostMove App include:

  • PeekSmith Compatibility
  • Vibrate your Phone or PeekSmith
  • Audio Assistant Integration

📱 About the PeekSmith App

PeekSmith app compatibility is coming in November 2023. With the app, you will be able to assign an action (like displaying a message on the PeekSmith screen) to GhostMove movement, tap. Also having it in an exact orientation (6 sides, like a die) can trigger an action. This will open up even more possibilities.

📦 What's Included

  • 3 pcs GhostMove
  • CR2032 button batteries
  • Activation Code for the GhostMove app

📕 Documentation

Do you have more questions? Read our GhostMove documentation for our comprehensive guide, FAQ, and Routine Ideas.

🤝 Compatible with

📐 Specifications

  • bottle-cap-sized
  • diameter: 28 mm
  • height: 11 mm
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