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We are producing several products using the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology popular in payment and access control (entry) systems. Magicians can use this technology to sense objects that have these kinds of chips inside. As these chips are affordable, we are able to offer a deck of cards with all the cards chipped.

While we are working on our own NFC/RFID reader, we created these products to be compatible with Hugo Shelley's Insight and most mobile phones with an NFC/RFID reader, including the latest iPhones and Android phones. Please note, some big brands may not have NFC/RFID readers built-in, so please check your phone's specs before purchasing.

Our playing cards for mentalists are the perfect tool for taking your magic performances to the next level. They were designed to look and feel like normal plastic playing cards, but each card contains an ISO14443A chip inside.

We offer a variety of card options, including poker cards, flashcards, and blank face cards, with more options coming soon.

The cards are poker sized (63mm x 88mm) and made from durable plastic that can withstand cleaning with warm water and blending without any damage. They are slightly thicker than normal paper cards at 0.38mm, ensuring they can withstand regular use. Our goal is to provide cards that can be used again and again, making them a valuable addition to any mentalist's arsenal.

András is creating these cards in-house to look great and to serve your magic performances the best. The Luna back design is a moon and starry night-inspired one-way design, with amazing details, and we have worked on it with wildgica. The Jokers of the poker set were designed for this moon theme, and our flashcards are having moon and magic references as well. We have worked with Cheellart to design the Jokers and the flash card faces.

Upgrade your magic performances with our high-quality NFC/RFID products today.