PeekSmith 3 Business Card Peek Case

High-Quality Leather Case

The PeekSmith 3 Business Card Peek Case is an accessory of Tony Antoniou and it is here to revolutionize your performances.



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High-quality leather for a luxurious feel and durability
Discreet window design enables a seamless peek
Compatible with UK and US size business cards


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This peek case for our PeekSmith 3 accessory by Tony Antoniou is a cutting-edge tool that seamlessly integrates a business card peek into your act. This sleek and sophisticated accessory is designed to add an air of elegance and intrigue to your routine, captivating your audience like never before.

Crafted with utmost precision from high-quality leather, the PeekSmith 3 Business Card Peek Case is a true embodiment of style and functionality. Its exquisite design conceals a discreet window, allowing you to subtly peek at your spectator's information while effortlessly removing your business card. With this innovative case in your hands, you'll have the power to create mind-blowing effects that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Versatility is at the core of the PeekSmith 3 Business Card Peek Case. Specifically designed to accommodate both UK and US size business cards, this versatile tool ensures a perfect fit every time. For performers outside these regions, we recommend checking the sizes to ensure compatibility with your country's standard business card dimensions. We believe that every magician and mentalist, regardless of their location, should have the opportunity to incorporate this remarkable case into their performances.

The PeekSmith 3 Business Card Peek Case is more than just a prop – it's an extension of your skills and artistry. Its seamless integration into your act allows you to seamlessly blend the world of business with the world of magic, creating a truly unforgettable experience for your spectators. Imagine the look of astonishment on their faces as you seemingly read their minds and reveal personal information they thought was hidden away.

What's Included

The Business Card Peek Case made from leather

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