PeekSmith 3 Nest (2nd Edition)

A Reason to Peek

PeekSmith 3 Nest is an accessory of Electricks. Hide PeekSmith 3 and a pen in your pocket, and have an excuse to peek.



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Holds PeekSmith 3 in your pocket
Convenient to peek even when you blindfolded
You have a reason to look at your pocket


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Simply reach for your pen, or return it to your pocket, to reveal the information you received. Our upgraded design allows you to easily add or remove your PeekSmith 3, and keeps all the other advantages.

Nest II is combining the Card Holder design by Nora Barthazi, and the original Nest design by Alain Van den Abeele. It is a handy 3D-printed accessory that allows you to hold our PeekSmith 3 device, and discreetly peek information on the go. This compact tool, printed by Electricks, can be conveniently stored in your pocket alongside a pen.

In addition to its compact and discreet design, Nest is also perfect for both walk-around and stage performances. Its secure grip helps magicians maintain a clean and seamless performance, allowing them to focus on their performance without worrying about taking out PS3 from their pocket or palming in their hand. Whether you're performing close-up magic for small groups or putting on a grand stage show, it provides a reliable and discreet solution for accessing the information you need.

What's Included?

  • a 3D printed accessory

Key Features

  • Holds PeekSmith 3 in an easy to read position (even blindfolded)
  • Can hold a pen, and it is a reason to peek when reaching out for it

Compatible With

  • PeekSmith 3


  • 90 x 78 x 16 mm
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