Traditional Pocket Watches (2 Models)

The Replica of our Prediction Pocket Watches

These traditional quartz pocket watches are a product of András Bártházi, and have a working crown. You can use them for magic effects, and also to give them away. Selling them in a 5 pack.



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Traditional Quartz Watches
Exact Replica of our SB Watch models
Give Them Away as a Memory


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Our "non-smart", traditional pocket watches have a working crown. Based on your requests, we have crafted replicas of our beloved King's Cross and Anchor design SB Watch pocket editions. These models resemble their connected counterparts in every way, except they do not have Bluetooth connectivity. However, their crown is fully functional, allowing you to set the time with ease.

We have designed it to look simple and natural. It is the innocence of the watch which makes it ideal for use for magic.

Make sure you check all our SB Watch models.

There are multiple ways you can use these traditional pocket watches for your performance.

  • They can be used to showcase a working crown before revealing the connected watch, making them perfect for performances.
  • They also make for memorable gifts or souvenirs.
  • Additionally, you can utilize them with a force time effect: demonstrate two watches (this traditional, and a connected SB Watch model), manually set one to the force time, and invite a spectator to set the connected watch by turning its crown (force a time with SBMote or with an other method). To everyone's amazement, you can then reveal that both watches were set to the exact same time!

We are selling these traditional pocket watch models in 5 packs:

  • King's Cross: our original pocket watch design, with a brass-colored case, Roman numbers (I - XII), King's Cross, and London texts on the yellowish face
  • Anchor: similar style to our original design, with a brass-colored case, Roman numbers (I - XII), and a big anchor on the yellowish face

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Replaceable Battery

These watches has a replaceable SR626SW button batteries, which will power the watch for up to 36 months.

What's Included

  • 5 watches of the model of your choice (King's Cross or Anchor)

There's no watch box included.

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