Atom, Our 12 Button Intelligent Remote

Atom is an Electricks product. It has 12 silent buttons, a vibration motor, and an RGB LED. It is coming with wifi connectivity. You will be able to run code on it. We plan to start shipping the product in March/April.



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Brand new product
Compatible with our apps
A real power-tool
Atom Remote


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Introducing our Intelligent Remote

Pre-order our upcoming intelligent remote, called Atom. It has 12 silent buttons, a vibration motor, and an RGB LED. It is coming with wifi connectivity. You will be able to run code, your own custom code on it.

Set to release in March/April, we have released many hints about this device - see the sidebar. We think it will be a revolutionary device and become a platform for everyone interested in electronic mentalism.

It's Game-Changing

We think our new product will challenge your current thinking about its category, and we are dedicated to discovering new territories. This mentalism power tool will give you stunning new features. It's a kind of magic.

Now you know many details about the product and the offer. If you don't like it, you can ask for a refund before we ship it.

Atom Smart Remote
Electricks ATOM

The product will be compatible with our apps and we'll be adding new features throughout the year. We are also working with developer friends to ensure wide support.

What's Included?

  • Atom, our intelligent remote


  • Atom is the product name
  • Bluetooth device
  • Collaborating with developer friends to ensure wide support
  • Directly communicates with other devices
  • Equipped with a vibration motor
  • Fueled by a robust CPU
  • A 12-button remote
  • A thumper
  • Standalone functions
  • A new platform
  • Run your custom code (mini-app) on Atom
  • 29mm x 62mm x 20mm
  • We will integrate it with our own apps in the beginning
  • Will start with basic functionality
  • Bluetooth keyboard-related functions will be added later this year
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