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Spotted Dice 2

Read Dice Values and Movement Electronically

Spotted Dice is a product of András Bártházi. Available in 16mm and 19mm variations, these innocent looking dice report their value and movement via Bluetooth. DiceSmith, the companion app gives you unique routines.

Currently out of stock, working on the restock.



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James Bond-level technology
Comes with the DiceSmith app for free
Facebook community with 900+ members
Includes a wireless charger


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Spotted Dice is an innocent-looking set of three dice, with special Bluetooth-enabled electronics inside every dice. This is James Bond-level technology. We have designed them to look and feel like ordinary dice used in board games. They are available in two sizes (16mm and 19mm) and 5 + 1 colors. Our blank white dice can be customized with stickers, printing, or engraving.

Spotted Dice 2 is not just capable to report the actual value and movement of the dice, but introduces a very sensitive magnet sensor, and also it can be used with our radar technology to detect the rough distance of the dice from a phone.

Buy additional dice to have all the colors. PeekSmith can display up to 6 dice, and the DiceSmith app can work with an "unlimited" number of dice (but check your phone's maximum number of Bluetooth connections).


Please note that most of the variations are out of stock now.

white (white die with black spots)XX
black (black die with white spots)XX
red (red die with white spots)XX
blue (blue die with white spots)XX
green (green die with green spots)XX
blank (blank die with no spots)X

The DiceSmith app

Our innovative DiceSmith app is included for free. It has a growing list of features, including:

  • a basic routine reports the dice values and movements
  • a total value routine reports the sum of the dice values
  • a dice movement routine reports the actively moving die
  • a Kurotsuke routine reports if a "master die" is moving
  • a which hand routine reports if a "master die" is moving with configurable movement sensitivity
  • a pick a color routine reports the order of the dice selected by the spectators
  • a dice order routine reports how the spectator ordered the dice
  • a set a time routine sets the time on an SB Watch
  • a book test routine shows the word in a book (set up by you) based on the dice rolls
  • a Pi Revelations routine reports the page, line, and column in the Pi Revelations book of the dice values

The DiceSmith app displays information on the phone's screen, on a PeekSmith 3, or on an Apple Watch. Also, it vibrates the information with the Phone's haptic motor or sends the vibration pattern to PeekSmith 3.

Spotted Dice are part of our highly connected world. Compatible with SB Watch (spectator sets the time by rolling the dice), or PeekSmith 3 (it can also connect to the dice directly and show/vibrate the movements and values of up to 6 dice). This level of integration is one-of-a-kind on the market, and you can expect that we will add more and more ideas regularly.

What's included

  • 3 pcs of Spotted Dice dice
  • DiceSmith app activation code
  • a wireless charger
  • a Micro-USB charging cable
  1. Avi maman

    Happy with the purchase of 3 dice, the best quality, looks great, works perfectly, friendly app, your service and support is the best I know, thank you very much
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