Spotted Dice extra die

Get all the colors!

Buy additional dice if you already have a Spotted Dice charger.


Have a set of 6 dice for a full set
Make sure you already have a compatible charger
Use them as a motion detector


Product details

Spotted Dice extra die is an additional dice you can buy if you already have a Spotted Dice charger.

Please note that the 16mm charger you might already have is not compatible with 19mm dice. The new flat charger is compatible with all models.


Please note that some die variations are out of stock now.

white (white die with black spots)XX
black (black die with white spots)XX
red (red die with white spots)XX
blue (blue die with white spots)XX
green (green die with green spots)XX
blank (blank die with no spots)X

What's included

  • a Spotted Dice die
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