PeekSmith 3 Card Holder

Secret at Your Fingertips

PeekSmith 3 Card Holder is an accessory designed by Nora Barthazi. Hide PeekSmith 3 on a table, or use it as a pocket holder, it is an easy way to peek.



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📋 Product Details
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🃏 Introducing our PeekSmith 3 Card Holder

The PeekSmith 3 Card Holder is our accessory designed to discreetly provide a way you to peek.

Hold it in your hand, slip it into a card box, or effortlessly tuck it into your pocket – the choice is yours. When discreetly nestled in a poker card box on the table, it blends seamlessly into your performance, leaving no room for suspicion.

Thanks to its clever design, the card holder securely cradles the PeekSmith 3, even when it's suspended in the air.

When hidden within a Bicycle Card box, it securely fits and we recommend leaving it inside throughout your performance.

🍬 Product Benefits

Discreet Design: By fitting seamlessly onto a card box, it cleverly conceals its true nature. This discreet design is perfect for magic tricks, as it creates the illusion that a standard deck of cards is present, keeping the secret hidden from the audience.

Blindfolded Wizardry: In your pocket, the PeekSmith 3 Card Holder becomes your secret weapon. Even while blindfolded, a simple downward glance allows you to effortlessly access crucial information, adding an element of mystery that will leave your audience spellbound.

Time Efficiency: By having crucial information readily accessible, magicians can save time during their performances. This efficiency allows for smoother transitions between tricks and keeps the show flowing seamlessly.

The design idea comes from Ian Pidgeon's similar accessory for PeekSmith One and Two devices.

📦 What's Included

  • a 3D printed card holder accessory
  • coming randomly with red and blue Bicycle card covers

📢 Key Features

  • hide PeekSmith 3 in a cardbox
  • keep PeekSmith 3 in your pocket to peek

🤝 Compatible with

  • PeekSmith 3

📐 Specifications

  • Fits into a Bicycle Card Box
  • Dimensions: 63 x 88.5 x 17.6 mm
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