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Inject 2


Inject 2 is an effect created by Greg Rostami. It turn you into an instant mind-reading guru like knowing what a spectator Googled on their phone, forcing with a free choice, leaving impossible photos on a spectator’s phone, even customizing your own effects and so much more!

Some Inject 2 routine allows you to enter information, and you can use Atom for this.


Setting Up Atom

First of all, make sure you have Bluetooth keyboard support enabled.

Upload the provided example code on Bluetooth keyboard page (with the cursor keys support, should be the second code). You may need it to be persisted, so Atom will load it when you are turning it on.

This will transform Atom to a Bluetooth keyboard, the two left buttons in first and second rows will work as LEFT, the two right buttons in first and second rows will work as RIGHT, the top middle with work as UP, and the second rows’ middle button work as DOWN. On iOS, you can display the on-screen keyboard with the bottom-left button, and use the bottom-right button as backspace.

Setting Up Inject 2

You should set up the key mapping for swipes in Inject 2. Go to the Settings, and Bluetooth Keyboard Settings, and set up the keys like this:

Once you have it, you can try a routine with swipe input.

Now, you are ready to use Atom with Inject 2.