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Atom Stack

Learn and Peek at Card Stacks

Launch this mini-app with button 2 (top-middle).

Atom Stack is about working with card stacks, or learning stacks. The Si StebbinsMnemonicaAronson, and Memorandum stacks are currently supported. You can select the stack using the MagiScript editor (see above).

To use the app, enter the position of a card in an AC->AK, AD->KD, AH->KH, and AS->KS card stack (we call this “simple”), and Atom will display this and the next two cards in your chosen card stack. AC is 1. 2C is 2. 9C is 9. AH is 27. 3H is 29. AK is 52.

You can also “move around” with the bottom left and bottom right buttons. You can use this to learn, try guessing the next cards.

If you need help, just enter 00, and you will get some.