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Our Offers

We are offering the app, the cubes, and accessories in the following bundles. To help your decision, we have collected our offers on this page. If you would like to select which cube you would like to buy, then read more about them on the Our Cubes page.

CubeSmith app📱📱📱
CubeSmith cube1️⃣1️⃣2️⃣
Luna CubeSmith Cards🃏
Cube 52 by Craig Petty🌟
PeekSmith 3🌟

CubeSmith App

If you would like to buy only the CubeSmith app, you can do it directly from Benke on his site: https://bsmagic.app/order/

Please note that you will need cubes for the app, so buy the app only if you already have compatible cubes, or plan to buy them from a different source.

CubeSmith Flexible Kit

And we decided to offer you a Flexible Kit, so you can select what you are interested in. It includes the CubeSmith app, two cubes and the Luna CubeSmith cards. And you can optionally buy Cube 52 by Craig Petty and our PeekSmith 3 device.

This is our BEST OFFER, for the price of an addition cube, you will get much more.

CubeSmith Basic Kit

If you would like to start with a minimal set, this is for you. This is our most basic kit, It includes the CubeSmith app and a cube you select.

CubeSmith Cube

If you already have the app and would like to buy cubes, then this should be your choice. Add more of this to your basket to have backup cubes or to perform the Cloned Cube or Do as I Do routines.

Luna CubeSmith Cards

card fronts

These cards are quality paper cards, you can use them for a CubeSmith app routine. The idea is that the spectator picks a card, and you solve the cube to the card.

Cube 52 by Craig Petty

This amazing deck is coming with many tricks on its own, and you can use the CubeSmith app to solve to a special pattern. The One Face Pattern add-on for the CubeSmith app is included in our offer.