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Which Bluetooth Earpiece Do You Recommend?

Select the solution that works the best for you. CubeSmith sends the audio to your earpiece/headphone through the media (music) channel. All wired headphones are supported. As for bluetooth, only devices with A2DP capability are supported (if you play music and you hear it, then it will also work with CubeSmith). Here are some equipment you should consider buying:

Vision Glasses - If you are wearing glasses, our Vision Glasses smart eyewear product line might be a great solution for you. Please note that there is some sound leaking, so it is more ideal if you are not standing next to your spectator.

Mental Wave - Our Mental Wave bone conduction device can be used with CubeSmith as well. You can hide it in a bandana, and follow the instructions. Please note that using a bone conduction device needs a lot of experiencing.

Mini Bluetooth Earbuds - There are cheap tiny Bluetooth earbuds available on the market for 20 USD like prices. They are slightly visible in your ear, which can't be seen from the front (so you're covered about 250 degrees). You can steal it in/out while you turn your back to the spectator (to solve the cube behind your back), or you can hide it in a blindfold. The earbud connects automatically when you take it out from the holder box, and starts charging when you put it back.

AGGER Ultra Box Lite - it is a Bluetooth module + earpiece for a good price, you can buy it directly from Agger. The wireless bluetooth module has to be close (10-15cm) to your ear, where you put the 4mm nano earpiece. Volume depends of the distance and affected by turning your head. Removing the nano earpiece from you head can be a little challenging, however this is the most hidden solution.

How Can I Replace The Button Battery of a Cube?

If you have a button battery operated cube (like our Chroma, Classic and Deluxe cubes), then you have to remove some pieces of the cube to reach the battery. The Xiaomi cube has CR1632 button battery which is a common type. The battery compartment is under the white center piece. You'll need a small X-headed screwdriver to unscrew the lid. Please watch this video that shows you the whole process:

The CubeSmith Chroma is a Monster Go AI cube, having the same CR1632 battery. Here's a video about the replacement process, which is very similar to the Xiaomi cube: