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About the Routine

The routine involves giving a mixed-up (or solved) cube to a spectator or more spectators, asking them to mix it, then taking it back without ever looking at it. The performer then proceeds to solve the cube behind their back or above their head following the instructions of the app.

Setup and Steps

To perform this routine, first, select “Solving the cube” as the routine in the app Settings, and set the option “Wait after mixing” to either 3 seconds (when practicing) or to 10-15 seconds (when performing). Select the best wait time that works with your performance. Setting this value too low will mean if the spectator stops thinking, that might trigger the start of the routine. You can always restart the routine as a workaround, but make sure to understand this setting.

You can also turn on “Audio guide (speech)” if you would like to receive audio guidance while solving the cube, and there are other methods to peek at the algorithm.

Once the routine is set up, you can start the routine by waiting for the “Ready to go” or “GO” message. Then you can give the cube to the spectator to mix. With each turn, the timer resets and you must wait the designated amount of seconds before proceeding with solving the cube.

The first two moves will always be “Top forward and Right forward” or “U R”, this way the app will know how the performer is holding the cube. You can read our corner-cutting thoughts if you would like to master your moves.

Then you can follow the steps provided by the app to solve the cube. If a mistake is made, the app will insert a correction move. If too many mistakes are made in a row, the solving process will start over.

When the cube is solved, you will get a “The cube is solved” or a “:-)” smiley message. The routine can be restarted at any point by quickly turning any side of the cube four times in opposite directions (forward-back-forward-back). You can also switch between routines while the name of the routine is still being displayed by turning any side of the cube forward (next routine) or backward (previous routine). It is important to always wait for the “Ready to go” message before starting the routine to avoid accidentally switching routines.