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What makes the SB Watch unique?

SB Watch is the most innocent-looking, and convincing hybrid watch on the market. Recent models have no branding a spectator can search for. Other watches usually have no crown-looking button, has Hybrid/Smart or other text on their watch face, or just a 0%-100% hand. Also, the back of them usually has a charging port, a CE, or other sign that makes it clear they are hybrids.

SB Watch has some unique features other watches don't have. The watch hands can move independently and they are fast. The watch reports when the hands arrive at the time you set, and you will get a visual notification or a vibration. We have a fake crown effect (you can "show" that the crown moves the hands). SB Watch has a movement sensor, and our GhostMove app can report when a spectator moved it. Combining it with other movement sensor-enabled objects (GhostMove, Spotted Dice), you can tell what was selected by the spectator.

You can select the model that suits you. Our Steel watches are looking like luxury watches and are made from premium materials. All wristwatches can be used as your regular daily watch - they will show you the time properly. Your audience can see it on your hand not just during a performance, but every day. Our pocket watches are beautiful and can convince your audience that they are old. The King's Cross / London text on them can be used for a Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, or a steampunk-themed routine. Or you can go with the Anchor model, or a modern but clean-looking Black and Silver model.

SB Watch is using Bluetooth, and we are open to working with hardware and software developers. SB Watch is supported by the ThoughtCast Versa and Wilson Nexus remotes - you can use them to set the time on their own, without the app. And even remotes supported by the app. See the list here for the list: Compatible Apps and Devices.

SB Watch is coming with the TimeSmith app, and there are 10+ ways (it is growing) to set the time on it, including innovative ways like Voice Recognition, Web Input, Spotted Dice, or a connected Rubik Cube. Both the TimeSmith app and the watch's firmware have regular releases with new features for free.

What is the retail price of the watch?

The price depends on the model, please note that it includes the TimeSmith app (145 USD):

  • Our best offer is coming with the 2020 Models, you can buy them for 283,87.
  • The latest wristwatches are the 2021 Models for and 2022 Models for 350,78.
  • The unique pocket watches are available for 398,57.
  • The limited edition Steel luxury models are 446,36.

For more details, please check all our available models: SB Watches.

Please read our Shipping page for details about VAT and customs fees.

How can I place an order for the watch?

You can buy them in our Electricks Magic Shop. All our available models are listed on this page: SB Watches.

Does the watch have a crown?

SB Watch has a button that looks like a crown. On the 2020 models, it is fixed to the watch body and is not turnable. You can imitate turning it. All the other models, including the pocket watches, has a turnable crown with no effect.

Does the button have functionality?

Yes. It works as a trigger, for example, to set a pre-defined (force) time, or start a routine. You can customize the button actions in the TimeSmith app.

Will it work in reverse? The spectator sets a time and the magician reveals it.

No. SB Watch cannot function as an input device, as the crown can't be used to move the watch's hands. However, you can ask the spectator to turn the crown and force the time you want.

Is the watch waterproof?

While some of our watches feature a 3 ATM waterproof label on their back, it's essential to note that they are primarily designed as magic props and have not undergone rigorous waterproof testing. While they may withstand some exposure to water, we strongly recommend avoiding water. The waterproof labeling on the back is primarily for aesthetic purposes to mimic the appearance of a regular watch.

What is the expected battery life?

We expect it to be several months, but of course, it will depend on the usage. If you'd use it as a regular watch, the battery would last more than a year. We recommend replacing the battery every 6 months.

What kind of battery does the watch have?

It has a CR2032 button battery, which is the most common type of all. You can usually buy it in grocery stores or well-known stores like IKEA, Auchan, Tesco, etc. You can also order them online. We recommend buying them in a pack, as it can happen that a brand-new battery is not fully charged.

How difficult is it to replace the battery?

Not difficult at all. Please read our battery replacement guide.

It’s quite a safe and easy procedure (however, if you're afraid to do it yourself, you can ask a watch repair shop or a jeweler to do it for you). Probably the hardest part is opening and closing the back lid. We recommend using watchmaker tools for the process, however, you can do it with tools you might already have at home.

Replacing the battery can be done in a few minutes. Here is a video about the process, it is the same method for our 2020, 2021, 2022, and pocket watch models:

Steel models have a different back called screw back, we have also created a video about opening and closing it:

Have you considered using a rechargeable battery?

Nope. We think the watch should look as innocent as possible, a charging interface wouldn’t fit this plan. We think the button battery is the best option for these kinds of watches.

What materials is the watch made of?

We are using quality materials. The Steel models are having stainless steel bodies and sapphire glass. The other watches are made from alloy, and the watch crystal is mineral glass. All these materials are durable, and while it is not recommended to drop it, it already survived our dopping and hammer tests with no scratches.

The wrist watches are coming with leather straps, the Steel models are having stainless steel straps.

Is it possible to customize the watch body?

We have a lot of variants so you can select the model that matches your style. It is also easy to customize the watch with a strap of your own choice, we are using standard straps.

We don't offer further customization. That said, the watch is quite "hackable", some customers replaced the watch face with a CASIO face or embedded the watch into a different body. It needs a lot of research, so we recommend it only to experienced and determined people.

What are the dimensions of the watch?

The SB Watches are roughly 42mm watches with standard straps. The Steel models need 22mm straps, the other models have 20mm straps.

Does the SB Watch keep the time?

Yes, you can use it as a regular quartz watch.