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⌚SB Watch 2
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Opening/Closing the Back


To open and close the SBWatch, you can use either household items or professional tools. Professional tools are cheap and can make the process faster and safer. It is worth buying them. If you don’t have time to get them, you can also use household items instead.

SBWatch Steel

The SBWatch Steel model has a screw-back case, which can be opened and closed using a watch case wrench or a pair of scissors.

There are a few places where you can purchase a watch case wrench:

    • Jewelry or watch repair shops

    • Online retailers such as Amazon or eBay

    • Specialty stores that sell watch repair tools

You may also be able to find a watch case wrench at a hardware store or a store that sells general repair tools.

Use a case opener tool or scissors to remove the back of the watch. You can also use a piece of blue tack as an alternative method for removing the back of the watch if you do not have a case opener tool. Apply downward pressure and twist back to open the case. See this video if you would like to use scissors.

And finally, you can use the same tool to close the watch properly.

Other Models (Pocket Watch, 2020/2021/2022 Wristwatches)

Other models have a snap-off back, which can be opened using a watch opener, a screwdriver, or a sharp knife. To close the snap-off back, you can use a watch press or a flat, clean surface and apply pressure with your body weight.

First, locate the tab on the edge of the case back and use the knife or the watch opener as a lever to gently pry the back open. Be careful not to scratch the watch case, hurt yourself, or damage the movement inside. Once the back is open, you can change the battery or align the watch face as we detail on our other pages.

To close the back, align the notch on the back with the stem of the watch and press down until it snaps into place. If you are unable to close the back by pressing it on with your hands, you may need to use additional tools such as a watch press. Once the back is closed, you can set the time and wear the watch again.