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Discover the numerous video reviews for our watches and see why reviewers are so excited about it. Our product is a top-performing prediction watch product in the magic market.

Alexis' Reviews

The reviewer, Alexis, states that the SBWatch is the best of its kind on the market and that they've tried several other watches. They mention that it comes in several different models, including pocket watch versions, wristwatch versions, and the luxury edition versions. The reviewer explains that the spectator can think of any hour and write it down, and the hour will be set on the watch without the performer touching it. They also highly recommend buying the product directly from us to get the best price.

In the unboxing portion of the review, Alexis mentions that the watch comes with a code to download the TimeSmith app, which is an amazing app. He also mentions that the cost of the app is included in the price of the watch. He also praises the quality and manufacturing of the watch and mention that the pocket watch is not too heavy or too light and has a perfect weight. And finally, he mentions that the finish and quality of manufacturing is amazing and the price may be high, but the quality justifies it. The review ends with a demonstration of how the watch can be used.

Chris Edwards

Chirs reviews our SBWatch 2021 watch and the TimeSmith app. He say that it is a watch that functions as a regular watch but also allows you to perform prediction effects and other time-related routines. He shares that the watch is well-made, has a turning crown and comes in several colors and patterns. The watch has a hard shell box and a code to unlock the full version of the TimeSmith app. The price of the watch includes the TimeSmith app.

He also mentioned that the watch has capabilities that other hybrid watches do not have - that can be used with the crown feature and can be used for everyday carry.


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