SB Watch is a hybrid watch that combines traditional watch design with modern technology. It is designed to be the most discreet and convincing hybrid watch on the market. The latest models have no visible branding and are designed to look like traditional watches. In contrast, many other hybrid watches have features that give away their true nature, such as branding, a crown-shaped button, text on the watch face that says "Hybrid" or "Smart", or a 0%-100% hand. The back of these watches may also have a charging port or a CE mark that indicates that they are hybrids. By eliminating these features, the SB Watch is able to blend in seamlessly with traditional watches.

  • Movement: hybrid watch
  • Design: traditional watch face and digital display
  • Battery: CR2032 button battery (most common)
  • Battery Life: about six months
  • Extras: accelerometer to detect movement
  • Watch Band:
    • Wristwatches: standard 20mm
    • Steel: standard 22mm
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android devices
  • Options: multiple models


First Steps




Video Reviews


Performance Ideas

Mnematching Time Prediction

Take a Photo (Lock Screen)


Mind-Reading Twist

Written in Time (Text Recognition)

Around the World

Lucky Roll (Dice Routine)

Coincidence (Using the Crown)

Synchronicity (Two Watches)

Be the Force With You

Input Methods

Voice Recognition

Dice Routine

Time Setting with Rubik's Cube

Multi-Watch Feature


The Calculator Input

Using The Web Input

The Web-Doodle

Fake Camera

Secret Camera

NFC Cards

The Prediction

Automatic prediction photo shooting

Using the BT Screen

Manual Time Input


Changing the Straps

Opening/Closing the Back

Rotating the Watch Face

Battery Replacement