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In this mesmerizing magic routine, known as “Synchronicity” you’ll create a mind-boggling experience that demonstrates a mysterious connection between two participants and their watches. As the magician, you’ll invite two volunteers to the stage to explore the uncanny world of synchronized time.


  1. Setting the Stage: Begin by inviting two volunteers onto the stage and hand each of them a wristwatch. Instruct them to keep the watches face-down and turn the crown to set it to any time they choose.
  2. The Synchronization: Encourage both participants to focus on their chosen times, imagining a mystical connection between them as they turn the crowns in unison.
  3. The Grand Reveal: Instruct both volunteers to simultaneously flip their watches face-up for everyone to see. Astoundingly, both watches will display the exact same time, leaving the audience in awe.


  • Build Suspense: Before the grand reveal, create anticipation by highlighting the mystery and impossibility of synchronized time.
  • Storytelling: Add a captivating story or theme to make the routine more engaging and memorable for your audience.

Synchronicity” is all about maintaining a sense of wonder and mystery throughout the routine, leaving your audience spellbound by the inexplicable connection between two synchronized watches.