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The Prediction

Set Up Your Username and PIN

To use the prediction feature of TimeSmith, all you have to do is to set up a BS Magic username and a PIN number in the app. For this go to USER SETTINGS, and tap on the empty username field… then you can enter any username that has at least 5 characters and is not taken by some other user yet. For the PIN enter any 4-6 digit number. If the username is free to use, then it will be registered for you.

IMPORTANT: If you already have a BS Magic username and PIN (registered in one of my other apps), then you can enter the same data here in TimeSmith as well.

The Prediction Webpage (Fake Blog)

I’ve set up a fake blog website, which has a few articles on some classical wristwatches. The address of the website is:


The watch in the third article from the top is our SB Watch (mentioned as the “S&B” watch). The watch shows 10:10 by default, but if you connect the website to your username (explained below) then the photo will automatically change, showing whatever custom time you set in TimeSmith. If you’re using another watch model, you still can use this as your prediction, it’s not necessary to use the same watch model on the website.

Connecting The Webpage to Your Username

There are several methods to connect your username to the website. Always choose the option that suits your performance the most.

The Basic URL Method

If you can ask the spectator for their phone, so you can enter the URL in their web browser, you can enter the following URL to open the website and connect it to your username:


Of course enter your own username at the end, like bestwatch.blog/magicman

You have to do this at the beginning of the performance, way before they select a custom time. You can leave their phone on the table, but don’t scroll down the screen just yet… You can tell them that this is a blog website about watches, and you’ll show them something later.

After the spectator named a time, and you’ve set it in TimeSmith, you can show the time on your watch first (not necessary, the prediction also works without using the watch). Then direct their attention to the website, opened on the phone a few minutes ago…

Before you ask them to scroll down to the third article, you can take a peek at the header of the webpage: there is a line that says “VISITORS TODAY: XXX“. The number will match the time on the prediction photo. If you’ve set 9:23 in TimeSmith, then the visitor count should be 923. If the number doesn’t match the custom time, then you know something went wrong… you might have to set the time again (or manually refresh the webpage).

Here is a video showing the basic prediction routine with TimeSmith: