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Using The BT Screen

What is BT Screen?

"BT Screen" is my FREE app that can run on any Android or iOS device, displaying information on the screen via Bluetooth. With TimeSmith it will act as a 2nd/3rd/4th screen, displaying all the secret information you need.

Installing Bt Screen

For Android go to this page, download and install the .APK file:

For iOS there is a public TestFlight version, you can join the Beta using this link:

Using BT Screen

  • enable BT Screen in TimeSmith ACCESSORIES settings
  • start "BT Screen" app installed on your other device (it also works across iOS/Android platforms)
  • select the main device from the list (BTSCR-xxxx)
  • when connected, it will jump to the home page and display a green checkmark
  • hit START MAGIC and the screen will start
  • start the routine in TimeSmith and you'll see all the secret info on the other device