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Multi-Watch Feature

How to Access the Multi-Watch Feature

You can connect multiple compatible watches in the TimeSmith app.

If you have an SB Watch, you should connect it first, then you can connect additional watches as well.

Setting the Same Time on All Watches

If multiple watches are connected, the custom time (entered using any of the input methods) will be set on all of the watches by default.

The Multi-Watch Routine

You place 2-7 watches face down on the table. You say that one of the watches has stopped working a while ago… The spectator can guess which watch has stopped and at what time. Then they can turn over all watches in any order, and only the selected watch will show the selected time (all other watches will show the current time).

For this routine you will need to enter the custom time, and also the number of the watch selected by the spectator. Currently you can enter the number of the watch using the fake lockscreen (passcode) and the swipe screen. Other input methods will be supported later. Please watch the tutorial video for detailed instructions.