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Lucky Roll


In this mesmerizing magic routine known as "Lucky Roll," you'll invite a spectator onto the stage and astound them by predicting the time on a watch using two dice. The first roll determines the hour, while the second roll specifies the minutes. As you write down the predicted time, you'll amaze everyone as the watch's hands magically align to match the exact time the spectator rolled with the dice.


  1. Tell a story: Start by engaging your audience with an intriguing story. Perhaps share a personal anecdote about the importance of luck in your life, or how you once discovered an ancient time-telling secret.
  2. Invite a volunteer: Invite a volunteer from the audience to join you on stage, emphasizing that this will be an experiment in the power of chance and magic.
  3. Explain the mission: Present a pair of dice to the spectator and explain that the first roll will determine the hour, and the second roll will indicate the minutes. Emphasize that by the minute the smaller number rolled will be placed before the larger one to create the final time.
  4. Roll: Ask the spectator to roll with the dice twice, and let the results determine the predicted time.
  5. Write down: Write down the time on a piece of paper, emphasizing the unusual order of the numbers. For example, if the spectator rolls a 3 and then a 6, you would write down 36.
  6. Show the Pocket Watch: Now, it's time for the grand reveal. Show a special watch to the audience, making sure to hide the time from view. Dramatically turn the watch's hands, and then slowly reveal that the watch displays the exact time that was rolled by the spectator. 


  • Craft a compelling narrative to accompany the trick, drawing your audience deeper into the world of mystery and magic. The more engaged they are, the more astonishing the revelation will be.
  • Practice the timing and execution of the trick to ensure a seamless performance. 
  • Remember, the key to a successful magic performance is not just the trick itself but also your ability to captivate and engage your audience. Make "Lucky Roll" an unforgettable experience they'll talk about long after the show is over.