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Using The WEB-Input

You can have a helper who will be able to set the time on your connected watch remotely, from any WEB-browser. They can be in the next room, or on another continent... using a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. They can be a spectator of your Zoom show, and help you without other spectators noticing.

Please check out the video on the bottom of this page for a better understanding of how WEB input works.

To use this feature, first you have to set up a Username and PIN (if you haven't done it already). In the app go to USER SETTINGS and tap on the field near "Username". You can register any username (letters and numbers only, 3-10 characters) and PIN (4-5 digits, numbers only) as long as the username is not taken yet.

Your helper should open this webpage in any browser:  bsmagic.app/time

They can log in either using the Username and PIN, or your secret token. You will find your token under your username and PIN in the app. After the successful login they will see a number keypad, and they can enter any custom time. I recommend using 4 digits (0623 = 06:23, 1145 = 11:45 etc.) so there wouzld be no confusion. 2 or 3 digits also could work (923 = 09:23, 66 = 06:06) but not recommended. After entering the digits, they can send the time to your connected watch by clicking on the green checkmark. The entered digits will turn GREEN for a second, then they can enter a new time (if they want).

To receive the custom time from the WEB, you have to connect your watch, and then turn ON the option "Enable WEB input" in GENERAL SETTINGS. This option will be automatically disabled when the app starts, so you have to enable it everytime you want to use it. When WEB input is enabled, the app will check the server for a new time entry every 5 seconds.

If your helper used the secret token to log in, you can generate a new token after the performance, ensuring that they can't control your watch next time you enable WEB input.