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Time Setting with Rubik's Cube

The Basic CLOCK SWIPE Method

First of all, this swipe method is the idea of Paul Longhurst, who was kind enough to let me implement it into TimeSmith.

The idea of the clock swipe method is that you can input any number with exactly 2 swipes. For this you'll have to imagine a clock face with numbers 1 to 12 (where number 12 can also represent number 0). You will have to swipe the screen of your phone (or push the buttons of your 4-button BT remote) to any of these 4 directions: UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT.

Here is a video where I'm explaining how to swipe to any of the 12 numbers:

Set Time on an SB Watch

Here is a video how you can use the TimeSmith integration to set the time on a supported watch:

Photo in Your Gallery

With this routine, you predict how the spectator will mix the cube, and they will guess what time you took the photo. Watch the video:

Prediction on The WEB

With this routine you can show your spectators a prediction photo on the WEB, with a drawing of their selected time, and also the mixed cube. Here is the tutorial video:

Extra Features

In the latest update you can:

  • switch AM/PM by turning the TOP side forward/backward using the "top layer" method (or the FRONT side using the other method)
  • cancel the time setting before you enter any number, by turning the BOTTOM side (or the back side using the other method)
  • RESET the time (and start over) by turning the BOTTOM side (after you already entered some numbers)

There are also messages displayed on the PeekSmith, the phone's screen, and using the Audio Guide. And there is no 10 second timer anymore while entering the time. Watch the video: