The "Memories" routine is a mentalism trick that allows the performer to seemingly read the mind of a spectator by having them think of a significant moment in their life. The routine is designed to show the performer's ability to read the spectator's mind by correctly guessing the time of their memories.


  1. Ask the spectator to think of a significant moment in their life (can be sad or happy, can be a wedding or the first kiss), or the earliest memory they can recall - so anything that she will be able to associate with a time.
  2. Ask them to think of the time of that memory. It can be very specific like 9:42 AM, or only the hour or a "round" time like quarter to 10.
  3. Take your SBWatch and imitate setting the time of the watch to the time of the memory the spectator is thinking of. You don't know the time yet.
  4. Ask the spectator to announce the time. This is when you should set the time on the watch by any input methods.
  5. Reveal the time on the watch as proof of the performer's ability to read the spectator's mind.


And finally some tips for you:

  • If you have an SBWatch with a fixed crown, the spectator will not notice that you are just imitating setting the time. But after you reveal the time and the spectator is amazed to see that you knew her significant time, you can confess that the watch is broken, and the crown is stuck. Then you can tell a story about the watch stopped at the time and it was the time the spectator named. This connection between you and the spectator will amaze the spectator even more. Then she can check the watch and see the crown is really not working and the watch is not running. (Thanks Gabor Nemeth for the idea)

Make sure you personalize the trick by starting with a story about memories, life-changing events, or anything like that to make the performance more exciting and yours.


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