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Written in Time


In this routine, the spectator is asked to write down a significant time that is important to them. The magician then reveals their own watch, which displays the same time as the one written down by the spectator.

For the performance, you will need a compatible impression device.


  • Tell a story to the audience that how important times are in our lives. Tell them that you will try to figure out a significant time for one of them. Ask a spectator to think about an exact time.
  • Give the impression device (notepad, board) to the spectator, and tell them that the best is if she writes down the time.
  • Without seeing what was written down, reveal the SBWatch, show the time on it and read out loud.
  • Ask the spectator to show what she wrote, and it will magically be the same time as on the watch.

You have to set up your impression board before the performance, here’s how:

  1. In the TimeSmith Settings, connect your impression pad with the app.
  2. Go to doodle drawing settings.
  3. Enable the auto-start doodle feature if desired, and set the drawing thickness for the board.
  4. Decide on the orientation in which the board will be handed to the spectator.
  5. Enable text recognition and set the page orientation.
  6. Set the timer for recognizing when idle, or assign actions to buttons such as sending the drawing for recognition.


Enhance the performance with your story, remember it is just a short idea written down above. Your audience will be more engaged if your performance is not just about figuring out a time, but has a story. We recommend you combine this routine with others.

  • The impression pad can only be connected to one device at a time, so make sure it is connected before starting the routine.
  • Experiment with the Settings to get the best recognition.
  • Have a backup story if recognition was not perfect.