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Mind-Reading Twist


In this variation of the Memories mind-reading routine, the performer turns the tables and puts the focus on the spectator’s intuition and powers of observation. Instead of the performer reading the spectator’s mind, they will be asking the spectator to read their mind. This twist on the classic mind-reading routine is sure to surprise and entertain the audience as they try to decipher the performer’s thoughts and intentions.


  1. Tell a story, and that there’s a significant time you can assign this story. Say that you will think about this time, and the spectator has to figure out it.
  2. Let the spectator guess times, play some yes/no games with her, and ask if she would like to change her mind several times to look like you are helping her to say the time you are thinking about.
  3. When she is ready with reading your mind and you have an exact time, you can set it on the watch by using any of our input methods.
  4. Then say she was correct and the routine is over.
  5. And finally, show your watch that you have the same time on it, because it was magically stopped at that time, and it is so important to you, that you are wearing it like this, as a reminder.


  • Don’t stick to the significant memory story, it can be about your daily routine, or even it doesn’t have to be a time at all, just two numbers. You can say that you are thinking about a time
  • You can always joke about AM and PM time. For example, after revealing the time matches on the watch, she told you the time is 20:20 (8:20 PM) and is amazed she figured it out, you can say she was almost correct, but you thought about having your breakfast, not your dinner, so it is really 8:20 AM on the watch.
  • Before this routine, you can test the spectator’s abilities with funny or classic mind-reading techniques. For example, gave her a notepad and tell her to quickly name a color you are thinking about. If she names the color blue, you can ask her to turn the notepad to see the color you wrote on the back. If she is saying a different color, just think about it, and say it is great, she passed the test.