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Around the World • SBWatch


In this magic routine which is an original idea of Andrew Gerard, the magician asks the spectator to name a location Around the World. Can be a city, a country, or a famous location like Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre. Then the magician reveals their own watch, which displays the current time at that location.

For the performance, you can use voice recognition, and text recognition (compatible impression pad, web doodle, or photo recognition) to input the location name.


  • Tell a story to the audience that you have just arrived back from your holiday (or a gig) abroad, and you would like to test his mind-reading capabilities if he can figure out where you were.
  • Ask the spectator to think about an exact location: city, country, or attraction around the world.
  • Give the impression device (notepad, board) to the spectator, and tell them that the best is if she writes down the location.
  • Or write down the location yourself, and use the photo-based recognition feature to recognize the location.
  • Or use voice recognition, and say something like “So you think I was in Paris last week?”
  • Reveal the SBWatch, show the time on it, read out loud, and say “You are exactly right, I was there, and forgot to update the time on my watch. But this way I can tell you, it is 9:34 PM in Paris at the moment.”

You have to turn on the option “Get time from Google Places” in the General Settings of the TimeSmith app.

Also, you have to set up the input to work properly. See our tips for voice recognition and text recognition to achieve the best effects.


Enhance the performance with your story, remember it is just a short idea written down above. Your audience will be more engaged if your performance is not just about figuring out a location, but has a story. We recommend you combine this routine with others.

  • Read the discussion of the routine under our Facebook post
  • The impression pad can only be connected to one device at a time, so make sure it is connected before starting the routine.
  • Experiment with the Settings to get the best recognition.
  • Have a backup story if recognition was not perfect.